Women Hate Women

(Thoughts while looking for the most watched porn videos in the most watched porn site)

Pornographic materials are always tagged with one of these words: SEXY SECRETARY. Sooner, you won’t be reading or hearing this one only in porn videos. Porn sites that feature sexy secretaries, playful college girls or naughty nuns are considered acceptable- (you can’t tell the world to ban every porn site because of the fact that the porn industry is royalty, porn sites are earning hard cash so be kind enough and think about the taxes) but offices and companies that only hire secretaries who qualify as “sexy secretaries”? I say this is insanity. I suggest gongs here for a little drama.

(While being told about a woman accusing a man a pervert while she was posing naked for a photo shoot)

So every woman is looking for liberation. After getting tired of burning bras, they tried to find ways to achieve liberation. When there were no more bras to burn, they turned to their clothes and stripped naked. When men looked at their bodies like hungry vultures, they got angry and called everyone a pervert. So much for your so-called liberation against the male hormones.


In the world of airlines, flight attendants cannot be called as flight attendants not unless if they’re sexy, skinny, long-haired and long-legged (maybe because it’s the businessmen that are always traveling). The absurd thing here is that women are proud to become objects of the testosterone world. One flight attendant commented in an interview that she was fired because she was attractive. Here’s the real story- the flight attendant was actually fired because she was posting sensual photos in her blog wearing her official uniform. The company found the act embarrassing and degrading to the company reputation. And here’s the embarrassing part- the strongest accusation she could find was that the airlines today prefer to hire fat and ugly flight attendants. Now, why am I embarrassed? Well, why shouldn’t I? All along, some women are fighting to make men realize that a woman should not be hired in an office because she has good skills not because she has good boobs. But here’s this flight attendant making a strong conclusion that attractive women (what she meant by attractive women here are those who will willingly pull their skirts and show more skin just to get promoted and get accepted in a testosterone driven culture) should be the only ones to be hired as flight attendants. Well, what does she expect, loud gongs from all the women (what I mean women by women here are those women with calloused feet, skinny women, fat women, women with big glasses, women with scarred faces and finally women)?

(Meditating while watching Bart Simpson and getting curious after the big news that Marj Simpson will pose for Playboy magazine to beat Cindy Crawford and Pamela Anderson)

Women hate women and men don’t hate men. Maybe every women should need a meditation gong and men need some more testosterone photos and videos. Anyway, I don’t hate Cindy Crawford and Dianne Lane, they’re both hot women, I can very well understand the liberation there. Maybe I need to learn how to form fragments and then form a cult to make up my mind why women hate women.

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