Getting my eyelash extensions for the first time was like a trip to India’s holy Ganges River – it sounds dirty and disgusting. Even the eyelash extensions cost wasn’t worth it.

I spent hours searching for salons that offer eyelash extensions near me. You can’t blame me, it’s an orgasmic idea to have long and thick black lashes for 24 hours.  I felt the same way when I had my eyelash extensions for the first time. I was in love with my fake lashes, oh well only during our first few days together. After those first few days, the nightmare started.

Eyelash extensions at home

Me, feeling divine hours after getting my lash extensions (before the dirt and bacteria)

Of course, no beauty salon would tell you about the dangers of getting eyelash extensions or even share some eyelash extensions horror stories. The beauty industry is sometimes creepy. It tends to glorify suffering for you to be beautiful. It’s not as different as foot binding except that it might sound more glamorous than having bound feet.

Eyelashes extensions of Betty Boop

Here’s why eyelash extensions are not safe for you: 

You might permanently end up having bald eyes

The staff at the beauty salon might tell you it’s normal to lose your original lashes after getting eyelash extensions. I was told the same. I thought it was okay. But the idea of permanently losing my lashes is too dreadful to be normal.

Remember that your eyelash technician is using adhesive designed to keep the lash extensions attached together for a longer time. The glue pulls out your lashes and because you might end up rubbing your eyes while asleep, you might pull them out yourself. There is a certain condition called eyelashes traction alopecia. It occurs when there’s too much tension on the natural lashes. In short, if your lashes are overweighted, your hair follicle is at risk of being damaged which can stop the production of hair.   

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You might have an allergic reaction to lash adhesives

The idea of using a strong adhesive for the eyelash extensions to stay in one place for weeks is somewhat terrifying. I’ve tried other lash glues for my false lashes and they’re alright. Maybe it’s the quality of the glue you are using. Or maybe it’s the fact that they don’t have to keep them together for weeks or so. The semi-permanent glues eyelash technicians use depend on the client’s sensitivity. Some lash adhesives can trigger a severe allergic reaction. Some of them contain formaldehyde that can cause a burning sensation in the eyes. 

When I had my lash extensions, my eyes were always burning. My eyes water whenever I yawn so each time my eyes tear up, my eyes hurt so bad. It felt like an insect was trapped inside, causing my eyes to burn. I suspected the irritation was caused by the glue that was used during the whole process. In fact, I did my research and found out that one should avoid moisture while on lash extensions. So if you tend to have watery eyes when you yawn, eyelash extensions are not for you.

Tip For Allergic Eye Lashes:

Look for a reputable beauty salon or a licensed aesthetician who uses only formaldehyde free lash adhesives.  If you have your own eyelash extensions kit and you choose to do eyelash extensions at home, check some beauty blogs to look for the safest lash glue for your lashes. 

The Dangers of Eyelash Extensions

You might suffer from a serious eye infection

How long does your eyelash extensions last? It will last for a month or a year with regular touch-ups. During such times, it’s recommended not to rub your eyes too often or you might damage your expensive extensions. It’s even a struggle to wash your face. You have to be careful not to wet your eyes with water so yes, just ignore the dirt. And because you don’t want to lose your extensions, you won’t dare scrub your eyelids or lashes. You’re even hesitant to use a makeup remover to wipe away the makeup residue at the base of your lashes. 

Thus, for weeks or months, your extensions will accumulate dirt and bacteria which will lead to eye infections such as bacterial conjunctivitis or pink eye. 

Tip if you have an allergic eyelid

Take time to clean your eyelids and lashes. There are safe lash solutions that you can use to clear up bacteria trapped in your lashes. 

pink eye giphy

You might go blind

There was a story about a woman who temporarily lost her vision because a local salon used nail glue instead of lash glue. Studies say that when you’re constantly in contact with the chemical, you are at risk of being blind. The fibers from lash extensions can also cause corneal scarring when they unintentionally scratch the corneal surface. As a result, you might experience blurry vision, eye redness, irritation and worst, blindness. 

Why Eyelash Extensions Might Be Dangerous For You

A higher eyelash extensions cost doesn’t totally guarantee your safety. No eyelash extensions care can give you 100% safety, there will always be risks. You can  If you are really determined to have naturally thick lashes, then you might want to research about grapeseed oil for lashes and sunflower oil benefits. Sunflower is healthy not only for the skin but for the lashes, too!

While most optometrists suggest not risking your eye health in exchange for temporary beauty, here are some helpful tips to make sure your eyes are protected while on lash extensions:


  1. Be sure to go to a reputable salon and your aesthetician is licensed and certified. You can check your aesthetician’s certification documents that can be verified by beauty schools that offer eyelash extensions classes 
  2. Ask the brand of the lash glue and check the ingredient list. You can also make an allergy test to be sure you won’t have any allergic reaction
  3. Before the procedure, check your aesthetician if he or she has clean hands and is wearing gloves 
  4. Use a safe antibacterial solution for your eyelids and lashes when removing your makeup. Regularly clean them and remove any dirt or residue to avoid any bacterial growth
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