5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Got My Tattoos Removed

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Got My Tattoos Removed

Angelina Jolie Worst Tattoo

Good news, you’re not alone. Celebrities also had tattoos that spell REGRETS. Angelina Jolie (though she appears as a woman who thinks she knows what she really wants) had a bad tattoo. Angelina Jolie had her Billy Bob tattoo permanently erased.  Johnny Depp had her Winona tattoo removed. Both Aunt Angie and Uncle Johnny have tattoo regrets that they couldn’t get away from because their old tattoos are posted everywhere on the internet. But at least they didn’t have financial regrets when it comes to their laser tattoo removal cost. 

Jeffree Star Tattoo Diaries

Jeffree Star’s Tattoo Diaries uploaded on his YouTube channel may make you grieve for your own tattoos. I watched the full series and didn’t grieve at all for the lost art on my skin though there were things I wish I knew before I had my tattoos removed through PicoSure. Here are some of them: 


I wish I was emotionally and financially ready to spend time and money before deciding to remove my tattoos. Some people think getting a tattoo removal is a walk in the park – you simply go to a clinic, spend an hour there and your tattoos are done. You must be emotionally prepared to go through the blisters, redness, and pain after the procedure. You must also be financially ready to spend more for another session or two. 

Weeks before I had my PicoSure session, I watched some tattoo removal videos and was amazed by the before and after results. I also watched live tattoo removal videos and saw how some tattoos respond well to laser treatment. I thought maybe mine would take only one session but I was wrong. Even a session isn’t enough for my blue colored tattoo. I did four sessions with my other tattoos and some colors are still visible though some are already gone. 


Pico Tattoo Removal



It took weeks for my treated ankle tattoo to be healed. Also, I’ve noticed that the tattoo on my back was the fastest one to heal and fade though there are some specific reasons why tattoos fade. One reason is if your tattoo is always exposed to the UV rays. The UV rays will most certainly cause fading and skin aging. Some experts believe that if you don’t want your tattoos to fade, you should choose areas where they are least exposed to the sun or where there’s less friction. Here’s another suggestion: choose to be tattooed far from the heart

Tattoos that are near your heart are the ones easier to treat. Maybe that’s the reason why my ankle tattoo is too stubborn. I’m on my fourth session and I can say it doesn’t respond well to the treatment. Areas with poor circulation don’t usually get good tattoo removal results, as what most dermatology experts stated. They don’t heal fast. 



The color of your tattoo matters so much if you are planning to undergo a tattoo removal procedure.  Based on my experience, the colors that are difficult to treat through PicoSure are: red, yellow and blue while the ones that respond well to the treatment are green and black. Since the success of your tattoo removal depends on your tattoo, do not limit to only one laser treatment. I did PicoSure and RevLite and it’s easy for me to identify which one is the most effective. PicoSure failed to treat the red and yellow ones. As a result, I tried RevLite since it’s known to be effective in removing the difficult colors I mentioned. 

In the photo below, you may notice that it took me three sessions for the red ink to fade away. 


PicoSure Laser Treatment Before and After Result 


You’re in luck if your tattoo was done by an amateur. Tattoos done by amateurs are the ones that offer promising tattoo removal results. When I had my first consultation with Dr. Neil Oropeza, he asked me about the age of my tattoos and if they were done professionally. He also asked me about the quality of the ink. He was worried that my tattoo artists used vegan ink because he said the PicoSure treatment is not the best choice for that type of ink. It’s helpful to reach out to your tattooist before going to any clinic to help you answer such questions. 

Amateur tattoos are uneven and did not penetrate deeply into the skin, making the whole tattoo removal procedure challenging yet easier to treat. Professional tattoo artists are more skilled in penetrating the ink deep into your skin, thus the tattoos are more difficult to remove or fade naturally. 

Ugly tattoos



Before going through a laser tattoo removal, be wise enough to research and educate yourself on other types of laser treatment. As I’ve said before, I tried RevLite only when I found out that some colors are hard to treat by PicoSure. I had a colorful tattoo on my hand so I decided to try multiple laser treatments. I’ve had two RevLite sessions after my PicoSure treatments to determine which colors respond better to specific colors. My laser tattoo removal before and after photos would show you how my tattoos respond to the treatment. 

The PicoSure tattoo removal cost is higher than other laser treatments. However, it’s considered one of the top choices by most patients who are eager to remove their tattoos fast. If you do further research, you might be surprised to know that there are actually some groups online that discuss removing their tattoos naturally, that means no laser treatments involved. 

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How PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal Works

How PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal Works

My third PicoSure tattoo laser removal session was more of a reunion with the staff and Dr. Neil Oropeza. It was also a reunion with the familiar surgical lights, machines, Dr. Neil’s Star Wars Lego collection you can’t miss when you’re heading towards the beauty rooms and the familiar traumatic pain of the laser machine not to mention the injections.

Getting tattoos can be quite painful but I didn’t realize that removing them is thrice the pain. Well, actually saying that it’s thrice the pain is an understatement.

Picosure Tattoo Laser Removal Results

Picosure Tattoo Laser Removal Results by Oroderm

I’ve mentioned in my first session that choosing topical anesthetics over injections is a bad idea. Since I can be a chronic complainer when it comes to handling pain, Dr. Neil thought of using the topical anesthetic not for the laser treatment but for the injection instead.

Picosure Tattoo Laser Removal Results

My goofy face, pretending everything is going to be okay and that the pain will soon go away right after the laser treatment. 

Before My Third PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal

Picosure Tattoo Laser Removal Results

As you can see, the yellow ink is still visible after having two PicoSure sessions. The yellow ink is just too stubborn, even the red one. That’s why Dr. Neil thought of trying out RevLite for the yellow and red ones. 

Picosure Tattoo Laser Removal Results

I got this tattoo on my back five or six years ago. This was my last tattoo and the ink was pretty thick so I’m not surprised that it took two sessions (and maybe two more) for the ink to fade away.

Picosure Tattoo Laser Removal Results

The blue ink is still visible. Aside from yellow and red, blue can also be a difficult color to remove though not as difficult as the two colors mentioned

After PicoSure Removal Results

Picosure Tattoo Laser Removal Results

Picosure Tattoo Laser Removal Results

 Yellow ink is still visible, even the red ones.

Picosure Tattoo Laser Removal Results

Picosure Tattoo Laser Removal Results

PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal Before and After Photos

Picosure Tattoo Laser Removal Results


Picosure Tattoo Laser Removal Results

Picosure Tattoo Laser Removal Results

Why Choose PicoSure Over RevLite

RevLite is using heat energy to remove tattoos (like other traditional laser treatments) and we all know that heat can do some damage on the skin. PicoSure breaks down ink pigments making it easier for the tattoos to fade away. It only uses shockwave effect. Since the light pulses are only a trillionth of a second long, it causes less damage and zero skin scars during the laser treatment.

  • Using RevLite laser treatment means more sessions, thus, suffering more. You can achieve better results with the Picosure laser for only a few sessions.
  • RevLite may work wonders in any ink color (though it doesn’t work well with black ink). PicoSure works best with black, green and blue while it struggles to remove orange, yellow and red ink colors.

I’ve talked to some people who had their tattoos removed and shared our thoughts about tattoo laser removal. I learned about their opinions about RevLite Q-Switched Laser Treatment based on their personal experiences. Here are some things I’ve learned from them:

Most patients are not satisfied with RevLite Q-Switched Laser Treatment. ( Q-Switched laser treatment is allegedly an ideal method to remove spots, freckles, and tattoos) One patient shared she’s already on her third session but the tattoos are still very visible.

It takes almost eight to ten RevLite sessions to achieve the results you get when you’re on your first Picosure laser session.

The age, color and the kind of tattoo ink used are major factors why removing tattoos can take up to five or six sessions.

There are a couple of reasons why your tattoos and your removal session didn’t work out. It could be the laser machines or how well your skin handles the treatment. Having tattoos used to be a lifetime commitment. Thanks to technology for giving us the best options.


Picosure Tattoo Laser Removal Results

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