The Story of the Sea Goddess

She knew the language of the sea. She could converse well with the sighs of the waves. Like a chameleon, she could change her skin and become another woman. She was a reptile. Her skin tasted like salt and lost adventures.  She knew the secrets of the sun, carefully decoded them. She should know – she was born on a summer day.

Why Choose To Fall In Love With A Dota Player

Don’t fall in love with a Dota player. He knows how to play Dota. Obviously, he has suffered loss and defeat. It would be difficult to break his heart. He has survived heart aches each time his favorite heroes are killed. He knows how easy it is to spawn them. He is unbreakable. 

How To Get Over A Breakup

So how do you really move on? Let me count the ways:

Dear Broken Hearted

You resurrected Sylvia Plath within you – yet colder and less poetic. She wasn’t Sylvia Plath. My Sylvia Plath was poetic and creative and sensible. You thought about death often, it’s beauty and how you could end life beautifully.

Women Poetry: Gravity, Woman and Trees

Gravity” is a form of rebellion. I like to think that there is no conflict between science and art. Poetry is still science. A poet is a philosopher. She tends to understand the forms and meanings around her. As a poet, she is the maker of meaning and as a philosopher, she enlightens it.

An Overview Of Kerima Polotan’s “The Hand of the Enemy”

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Having healthy skin helps fight skin aging and other viruses. We all struggle to have glowing and healthy skin. For women, beauty is everything. And having a good skin care routine tells much about you. So how well do you know your skin? 

Hymn of the Thoughts of Men

Food for the spirit rather than the yearning of the flesh or an act of spirituality, strengthening the ethics of morality and texts integrating religion and daily life and literature- such elements covered the features of the Indian literature. 

My BPI ePrepaid MasterCard Review

Here’s my review of BPI’s ePrepaid Mastercard 

Why You Should Wear Dreamcatchers

Here are some reasons why you should start wearing dreamcatchers

Manifestations of Filipino Machismo in Selected Philippine Contemporary Literary Works

Tracing back the manifestations of machismo in traditional literature, in the time of Estrella Alfon, Paz Latorena, and Ligaya Victorio Reyes, most of the unified depiction of their male characters were influenced by ideology about Filipino men constantly asserting their masculinity and power over women.

Tatarin and Empowered Female Characters in Nick Joaquin’s “The Summer Solstice”

There was a popular notion that poetic language is the language of “images” and this conception was accepted by the theorists of Symbolism. “The Summer Solstice” is considered to be a sort of revelation of women empowerment through the use of gothic and barbaric images. 

Literature and Women

Attics do not house humans. Attics are wasted space. Women are considered half monsters, and they are wasted. She inhabits the attics, literally and metaphorically, she becomes a madwoman both as a writer and a character. The fact is, Nathaniel Hawthorne is male and men don’t glorify women.

Women Hate Women

So every woman is looking for liberation. After getting tired of burning bras, they tried to find ways to achieve liberation. When there were no more bras to burn, they turned to their clothes and stripped naked.