Fashion and Style


Every girl has her own tricks to deal with her pre-menstrual syndrome. Some girls change their diet while others consider supplements and other forms of medication. Going out while you’re having PMS can be a struggle. It’s a real struggle that you don’t even think about fashion clothes or looking good anymore. You’re too focused on relieving your menstrual cramps or headaches. In my case, even if I have PMS, I try to dress up.

Fashion and style are two different things. Take a break from fashion. Sometimes it’s also about style. Your style is about you and your connection to the universe, and not about the clothes that you can buy in some fashion websites. My sense of style always depends on my hormones and functionality. Basically, I am a slave of my own hormones.

I had to do some errands while I suffered from PMS. It was one of those days where you just wanted to lie down and deal with my hormonal fluctuations at home alone, without anybody asking me any health-related questions. Instead of feeling terrible, I wanted to feel better. I had unhealthy food cravings for the past few days, from wanting to shove loads of sweets in my mouth to being enslaved by junk food. I needed a diversion so I turned to fashion and dressing up and experimenting with my style. I don’t follow the latest fashion trends unless they’re comfortable and they represent my personality.


Fashion Style OOTD

Skirts and Button Downs

Forgive me if I always feel a bit awkward and uncomfortable with the camera. Because it was hot and humid outside even if it’s almost Christmas, I decided to wear my floral skirt cropped button-down shirt. I bought my floral skirt from a thrift store and my button-down top is from an online seller on Instagram. Thanks to Instagram, I could buy cheap and rare finds. You could even buy some vintage clothes, that is if you’re into 1950s fashion or anything vintage.


Dr Martens Shoes and Socks

Dr. Martens and Rose Pink Socks

When I am PMSing, I usually complain about leg cramps and cold feet. I normally have cold feet but they feel colder a week before my period that’s why I wear socks. If you’re living in a tropical country, wearing socks at home is something unusual. When I’m PMSing, I wouldn’t wear skirts (especially bandage skirts) because wearing them would force me to wear my flip-flops. Wearing flip flops will just worsen my cramps and cold feet. Normally, I put on my jeans and wear my shoes and enjoy the warmth.

My pair of Dr. Martens ankle boots always makes me feel euphoric. I hate to admit it but seriously I love fashionable socks. I have the usual frilly socks, knee-high socks, plaid socks, the polka dotted ones, the mid-calf socks, the low-cut types and socks with my favorite characters such as Darth Vader. Trust me, you can never go wrong with your Darth Vader socks. I could talk about socks all day. Sadly, some fashion websites online don’t pay attention to other customers who aren’t only interested to buy fashion clothes but to purchase some cute socks as well.

Let’s face it. Dressing up won’t block your menstrual pains or bloatedness. But it’s one way to shake them off and embrace womanhood without any anger or disgust. Cheers to uterine contractions and bleeding vaginas!

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