Yolks isn’t just about eggs. And it isn’t just about flowers and cupcakes either.

I don’t usually go for cakes and cupcakes, I’m more of a semi self-proclaimed vegetarian who likes to post healthy meals on Instagram but actually devours meat ( I do cook veggies and make salads at home each time I gain a few pounds ).  I go for restaurants that serve steak and everything meaty and unhealthy. But when I’m with my two kikay friends who love to eat all the sweet cute stuff, sometimes I need to compromise.

One of my friends suggested Yolks Flower Cafe + Cupcakery,  one of the first flower cafes in Davao City. They offer boxed flower arrangements, flower pastries and other meals. Although hearing the word “cupcakery” for the first time made me cringe (basically because I’m not such a big fan of sweets), I convinced myself to try something different.


One of the reasons why I agreed to go for Yolks was we needed a quiet and comfortable place where we can hangout with our very pregnant buddy who wasn’t allowed to do long walks and other activities except lying on bed, getting lazy on the couch and secretly eating sweets.

The name “Yolks” isn’t tricky at all. Yolks remind you of eggs, flour and cakes – you get the whole picture right after hearing its name. What is actually interesting is how people pronounce the word yolks, which can be tricky.

So here are some of my thoughts about Yolks Flower Cafe + Cupcakery :

Our order



Mango Cake

Yolk’s mango cake was delish. I like the fact that it’s creamy yet not too sweet. You can order it in slices for only  100php per slice or you can buy the whole cake for 920php only. It’s actually affordable, considering that they serve the cake in big slices.

I didn’t have any plans to eat sweets that day because I was trying to lose weight but I was tempted by its whole aesthetic appeal. I was comforted by the idea of going back to the gym next month. The whole workout experience would be a tough one for sure, I just need to look for the best gyms in Davao City.


Cucumber Lemonade

Like I said, I like to pretend that I’m living a healthy life so I ordered a cup of hot cucumber lemonade. The lemonade was so-so, nothing extraordinary. But I love its natural taste and also it wasn’t too sweet. I paid 55php for it and though it’s more expensive than the ones I can get at a vending machine, I think it’s worth it. Unlike those cheap drinks,  the drink wasn’t sugary. The cucumber lemonade can be served hot or cold, depending on your preference.



My friend, who’s very much into pastries, wasn’t really happy with this brownie. Maybe because she didn’t want the choco whipped cream on top of her brownie. Clearly, she’s not a fan of whipped cream. I actually love the idea of putting whipped cream on top of sweets because I think there should be a variation of taste. Also, I love whipped cream frosting.


Apple Juice

The apple juice is the real thing – no sugar or any additives. It wasn’t sugared and it tasted natural. My friend wasn’t very much impressed. Maybe because she was expecting it to be a bit sweeter.


Seafood Pasta in Crab Fat Sauce

We weren’t really that hungry when we arrived at Yolks yet we were interested in trying this seafood pasta in crab fat sauce. For those who don’t like crab fat like me, then let me assure you that the crab fat pasta doesn’t taste like crab fat at all. The pasta was creamy and tasted good though I was a bit disappointed with the price. I think it was too expensive, although the fact that you have crab fat in it might be the main reason why it’s pricey.



The place is euphoric. Every part of the place can literally melt your heart. Every girl loves being surrounded by beautiful flowers, colorful cupcakes and mouthwatering cakes. The wallpaper is cute too – a splash of pastel colors. The place is sure to charm girls who go crazy over pink and yummy treats. I enjoyed the quietness of the place.

Also, it’s a flower cafe so expect beautiful flowers around.









The place can also be fun for children. Maybe the owner of the cafe has children because he or she perfectly understands the struggle of most parents, especially mothers when they go out with friends carrying their children with them. Kids love colorful cupcakes and some cute stuff.

Good customer service

Everybody was eager to help every customer. We were like little kids in a candy store, only that we weren’t after candies. We were too busy taking photos while waiting for our food.  One of the staff was nice enough to take photos of us and was even taking our photos in different angles. I was impressed by his eagerness and enthusiasm. The whole staff was really nice. We could felt like we could make requests without being guilty.

The place is great, you don’t just underestimate a flower cafe with flowers and cakes and cupcakes inside.  Also, they just don’t serve sweets but they also serve hamburgers and steak. I was even surprised that they had breakfast meals on the menu. Too bad I was feeling full when we visited the cafe, I could have tried their steak. I was even dying to try their choco strawberry smoothie but I was also suffering from a very sore throat so I guess I’ll have to try it next time. The overall experience was so-so, nothing beats the mango cake, the staff and the place.


My pregnant friend Sem, feeling at home and surprisingly she was in the mood to be playful 


Our last photo together before Gail went back to Dubai 

If you love flowers, flavorful cakes, colorful cupcakes and the idea of eating pizza, steak and hamburgers in a fancy place such as Yolks, then this place is for you.


Yolks Flower Cafe + Cupcakery

Doors A & B, Bella Vie Building, Circumferential Road

Davao City, Philippines
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