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Plaid shirts and dresses remind me of the 90s. It’s nostalgic and surprisingly uncanny.

Like Kate Moss, we’re stuck in the 90s. Some 90s kids feel superior, it’s not surprising at all. Perhaps it’s because we’re made to believe that we had better music, movies and experiences as compared to other kids born in the different era.

The 90s is full of nostalgia. It makes you yearn for those 90s music you hear on the radio back when YouTube didn’t exist.90s fashion will surely remind you of Spice Girls, Oasis, The Smashing PumpkinsRage Against the Machine or Hum. Intense yearning that is.

Thank you Hum for your Little Dipper.


Plaid Fashion

I’m wearing my American Eagle Outfitters flannel plaid dress under my black Zara dress. Styling your plaid shirts is too easy. You can wear any under dress or shirt as long as it’s plain,  not checkered or plaid. Being over plaid just can’t be justified.



Plaid Dress Fashion


Cherilyn “Cher” Horowitz played by my favorite 90s celebrity Alicia Silverstone (one of the 90s fashion icon), wore a yellow plaid skirt in one of the episodes of the TV show “Clueless”.



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