When you’re a young Norwegian, you’re supposed to be into metal, specifically black metal. After watching the True Norwegian Black Metal documentaries, you will soon realize that Norwegians don’t just like metal’s heavy riffs and growls, they are into the messages of black metal.

Gorgoroth is considered to be one of the bands that is serious in delivering the message of black metal. According to the documentaries, Gaahl, the vocalist of Gorgoroth, is actually considered as the most vicious man in his hometown. It was reported that he tortured someone for nine hours while draining his blood and threatening him to drink his own blood. Obviously, he was imprisoned for nine months for the act.


The personality of Gaahl is actually very interesting. He is an artist and he lives in a very isolated area, which makes him more interesting. Look at his paintings and you will understand why. And what’s the most interesting thing about him? He always has a scary atmosphere and a very strong aura.

During the rise of black metal in Norway, churches were burned and Christianity was considered a form of corruption. In fact, during those times, every time the words “black metal” were mentioned, there were three things inside every Norwegian’s mind: criminal cases, satanic and sole enemies of the church. Until now, black metal is still associated with rebellion and satanic lyrics. And this is the purpose of Gorgoroth – to present the message and not just play the music.

Gaahl Gorgoroth

So what’s with the Norwegian black metal? Well, it can be a threat to Christianity or it can be a genre that experiments on creating music with heavy riffs and interesting message. Every curious creature enjoys anti-religion and religious messages. We all feel enchanted by the idea of talking about the most sensitive topic in the world- RELIGION. Good guys are sometimes boring. Talking about sex is even more boring. Serious discussions about religion according to what other people expect you to say about religion are the greatest elements of boredom. Music is very independent, it can earn love and respect from musically inclined individuals with or without interpreting the message.

When I was in college, my professor told me that form and meaning are inseparable. But it was in my literature class and I cannot argue that music should be a part of the literary world, though I always believe that music is literature. Music can be appreciated without its message – heavy riffs and deep growls make up a good music. It is safe to say that those people who listen to black metal are not really against Christianity, they just love the music. So why care to tell everyone that your friend is a Satanic fat kid just because he loves black metal and he watches music videos of inverted crucifixes? Anyone can be a Satanist, your neighbor or the old lady who lives next door might be a Satanist even if she doesn’t like black metal, so what’s the big deal?


Gaahl Gorgorth Band.gif


Norwegian is a nationality and black metal is a genre for me. Don’t accuse me of destroying religion just because I find Gaahl interesting. Tthe guy is cute and it’s always funny seeing him in his normal state (by saying normal, I mean seeing him without his makeup on and all that black costume)- a sharp looking face with his cute goatee, almost looking like a Christian priest, preaching in a very calm voice that every trace of Christianity should be erased. INTERESTING TO WATCH HIM SAY SUCH WORDS WITH HIS HOLY LOOKING FACE.


But of course, you shouldn’t believe everything that you see and hear online. Gorgoroth is trying to create a scary and intimidating image and it works especially when they do live performances. Maybe Gaahl is an adorable person. I mean gays are adorable people. They’re sweet and sensitive.  And by the way, I don’t believe young Norwegians are supposed to be into metal. There’s more to the black metal scene than black outfits and accessories.  

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