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In Sorte Diaboli 2007

Artist: Dimmu Borgir Release date: April 24, 2007 Genre: Symphonic Black Metal It’s been four long, very long years since Dimmu Borgir’s last album, Death Cult Armageddon, was released. The wait was even more intolerable considering the quality of DCA! Of course, the...

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Teia Arsonist


This blog is a reflection of my struggles to stay sober, creative, and relevant for the past years. I deal with my very minor (perhaps imaginary) social anxieties through blogging about beauty products that I bought compulsively and conquer awkward feelings whenever I face the camera to share my fashion outfits. 

It’s orgasmic to finally let go of my thoughts and live different lives. Adios. May you find solace in other realms of the universe. 

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