Why You Should Watch The Exodus: Gods and Kings Movie

The movie didn’t really deviate from the original bible story – the sequence of events, the characters, and the plagues. But to confirm if it’s “biblically accurate” is another story. 

Top Four Movies That Will Change You Forever

Some movies are made to entertain or inspire you while others are meant to destroy you or blow your mind away.

5 Basic Things To Know About Sadako

We know her as the creepy Japanese girl with very long black hair covering her face. She likes to crawl out of the TV screen and scare the hell out of you. She doesn’t talk, she just makes a creepy sound as she crawls. Interestingly, she sounds like a Predator. Scary enough to make you scream. And she’s really flexible. She deserves to be on horror movie shirts, after all, she’s an amazing yet mysterious movie and book character.

Why Gaahl of Gorgoroth Is The Creepiest Black Metal Vocalist

Gorgoroth is considered to be one of the bands that is serious in delivering the message of black metal. According to the documentaries, Gaahl, the vocalist of Gorgoroth, is actually considered as the most vicious man in his hometown. 

Music Review: Rendezvous and Electro Pop

Rendezvous is not just another electro-pop genre influenced band. There are actually two best words that describe the band’s music: not stereotypical and experimental.

Why Metal Fans Should Give ElectroPop A Chance

When a woman is bored, she either go shop or listens to music. I say listen to music, then go shopping.

God Save the Fame

Next time, when you are asked if the stars are actually blinking or where the brightest stars really are, tell them they’re all in UK.

Why You Shouldn’t Hate Yoko Ono

One important thing that foreign countries should remember is this: Yoko Ono is not a witch (as other John Lennon fans called her) and so are the other Asian women.

Kurt Cobain’s Suicide

When I was younger Kurt Cobain was every teenager’s god. His fate printed on every shirt and his song’s played in every room like he was a prophet. And when he killed himself, he became immortal. Hearing him sing was a form of nirvana to the world of pop culture.

Why Scrappy Coco is a Hero

Scrappy Coco shouldn’t only be remembered because of his bush and testicles and the fact that he’s giving every senior citizen one good favor- a free sex service after the haircut. The Zohan has his own propaganda- Lather. Rinse. Save the world.