Jared Diamond’s theories about “Guns, Germs and Steel” may look simple but quite exceptional. Diamond led me back to the early societies and the rise of civilization in the fields of medicine, agriculture, warfare and finally, survival. Thus, a broad understanding of human history.


I agree with Diamond’s claim that geography is a contributing factor in the rise and fall of human societies. Continent by continent each lived in abundance and scarcity. Geography determines the distribution of wealth and supply in every society, which can greatly affect a society’s survival. And so, Diamond provided a comprehensive explanation why Europeans became more progressive rather than those from the Papua New Guinea in terms of agriculture, food production and technology. It supports the fact that even the political and economic successes of a society rely on ecological differences between continents.

Jared Diamond’s study had completely answered the common question as to why the Europeans ended up conquering the early societies, if not, the whole world.

Guns, Germs and Steel shaped our idea of human civilization. Diamond might have discussed a lot of significant theories involving humanity but the only part I found very distracting in the movie was the participation of religion. Was it just a part of the conquest or was it merely religion as we see it?

And so, Guns, Germs and Steel for me, revolves in one idea: conquests and survival.

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