Labeling the Underground Scene

Underground bands are called “underground” in the sense they are under the ground, unexposed from the spotlights of pop culture. But until when can a band remain “underground “when the popular culture is pulling it out underneath.

The punks used to hate the mainstream culture. In fact, Greenday and some underground bands (Greenday now belongs to pop culture, after involving in their so called movement, what a smart way to be popular) had a movement against record companies, refusing to recognize pop culture influenced by their strong belief that such companies tend to change their music’s soul only for every businessman’s motivation to sell. Let’s face it, majority of the bands today exist not only because they want to play good music but they also want to earn good money.

Now Greenday is one of the most popular bands in the music industry. There was a change in the lyrics of Greenday in the band’s record company’s effort to easily sell more records. So much about all those angry screams not be “labeled”. Sooner, every underground band will rise from the ground and be “labeled”.

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4 thoughts on “Labeling the Underground Scene

  1. Greenday used to be an underground band fighting record companies. now, they’re being labeled. So much for their punk movement. :))

  2. Hi teya dear! Put you on my blog roll na! My boylet and I were talking about underground rock bands that turned into pop bands now. Greenday is a classic example. It also reminds me of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain’s anger to record companies for “mainstreaming and selling them out” but well..yes, they have to earn for a living. Take Jericho for instance too. Di na nag-indie2 music siya pero ngayon sell-out na siya..

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