Keeping the Pirates at Bay

Captain Hook and his pirates are no longer in a quest to kill Peter Pan. Today they are invading the music and movie industries and everyone is not so happy about it, especially the makers of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.


Of course, we are not talking about Jack Sparrow or “real” pirates who are after treasure chests and jewels. These pirates plunder the industries by just sitting in theaters, copying movies with their high technology camcorders while eating popcorn and then the next day, blockbusters are already available in the Web and in the streets. A few years, every producer, studio or artist might stop producing songs and making movies.

Blockbusters are vulnerable to the threats of piracy. Hollywood studios now plan their special strategies to avoid being plundered by the so called pirates or another better synonym- the Hollywood criminals. When they show advance screenings of high profile movies, they hire and form security personnel to guard and confiscate camcorders or any recording devices that will be spotted using night goggles. Studios learned a lesson when the Wolverine piracy issue came out – plundering high profile movies are every pirate’s greatest achievement.

The advancement of technology motivated the pirates to confidently duplicate and steal more copies. Piracy is not only a Hollywood problem, in fact every country around the world that is producing movies is in serious promotion against piracy. The studios keep warning the public through commercial ads that piracy is a criminal act.


The president of the Motion Picture Association of America reported that an estimated amount of $4 billion to $4.5 billion are stolen from Hollywood’s treasure chests because of piracy. Copies of high profile movies and latest songs are easy to download, so why bother buying original DVDs and CDs when everything is almost downloadable? Well, you should be bothered. Imagine a world without movies where you can’t get the chance to watch the future movies and faces of George Clooney or Brad Pitt in their late 60s or 70s. A form of exaggeration perhaps, but as a user or consumer, it might convince you not to support piracy, in other words, never download pirated items.

May the pirates hear every studio’s message: pirates, keep your hooks off our movies!

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0 thoughts on “Keeping the Pirates at Bay

  1. Kean- Thanks. Will visit your blog now. And yes, the movie industry is suffering from piracy and we are the only ones who should help the industry, the celebrities and the bands..

    Gaolu- Good point. I agree with you on this one.:-)

  2. anti fencing law : when it comes to legal buying pirated things is a crime commitment, therefore these artists wont exist that long specially independent artists.

  3. Yes, in a way. But it’s still illegal. Kids these days always believe that music should be free. I can’t help but to feel sorry for our music industry.

  4. piracy? it’s an opportunity for those who can’t afford to buy original copies. so we should be thankful that almost evrything is cheap or free. lessen the cost so that many could afford.

  5. You make a very good point. I am probably one of those rare individuals who doesn’t download any music or videos. Just don’t think it is right to do it. Great post, and I like the look of this blog. Cool site.

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