If Buddha was your roommate

Imagine forgetting your plans to rent apartments and then move in with a hot roommate. Imagine having the chance to become Siddharta Gautama’s (the other name of Buddha) roommate. Buddhism is, I believe, an ideal religion. It’s a good religion to concentrate on “the self” and seek self enlightenment. And when your life is all messed up, why not try Buddha as your new roommate?

If Buddha was your roommate, you would see him sit on the floor, meditating for how many hours and your stereo is off limits because it can distract his meditation process.

If Buddha was your roommate, you would not be allowed to watch MTV or play any black metal songs. Silence is one of the best ways to reach Nirvana so shut up and be silent.

If Buddha was your roommate you couldn’t let a hot girlfriend or hot boyfriend sleep in your room. Buddha had one strong campaign against the world of senses- against sex and other worldly things. He might not get the chance to remind you about the rule because he might be too busy meditating for a couple of days in order to seek enlightenment. But then, this is one important rule you should really keep in mind.

If Buddha was your roommate, he would criticize you for wearing expensive clothes and spending too much money on other material things.

If Buddha was your roommate, mom and dad would be so proud of you. They could imagine a self enlightened you, living with a holy figure and abiding by his rules (specifically not bringing a boyfriend or girlfriend).

If Buddha was your roommate, I say you’re one lucky bastard.

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  1. Hey I am Buddha, Enlightenment actually sucks, and so these days I can be found jamming to black metal and being lustful (wishing there was a girl buddha, duh!) among other things. But I’d probally not be cool with the TV thing. My main issue is people should seek knowledge that promotes health, through the diet and through consciousness states.

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