We’re bringing back the fashion in the old days – skater skirts, retro vintage, mom jeans and everything high-waisted. In fact, it’s more economical to search for your mom’s old clothes. You might get lucky and find something like your mom’s high waisted shorts, flared trousers or vintage dresses.

High-waisted skinny jeans are usually paired with crop tops. The main purpose is to specifically display and show off its perfect fit on your waist – after all, high waisted jeans are designed to be higher than your navel. Finding the right tops for my jeans is a difficult task for me. ZALORA has a wide selection of women’s fashion. I love their tops.


How To Wear Your Topshop Joni Jeans



How to wear high waisted jeans


I’m wearing my Topshop Joni Jeans paired with my laced top and Forever21 black platform sandals. The color of my top blends well with my pink super high waisted jeans. This pair is stretchy and comfortable and stretchy jeans are the best jeans for curvy women.


Ribbed crop tops would look chunky too. If you want to wear something basic yet still look cute at the same time, you’ll surely adore Topshop’s skinny rib crop tops in blue, beige, pink and all the lovely pastel colors in the world.


Topshop Ribbed Crop Top


How To Wear Your Levi’s High Rise


Levis High Rise


I paired my Levi’s High Rise with a long sleeved tie front crop top and my Dr. Martens Mary Jane shoes. Though high rise and high-waisted jeans are different, their differences often go unnoticed.


How To Wear Levi’s Mom Jeans


Levis Mom Jeans


How to wear Levis mom jeans


Dr. Martens Style


Levi’s highwaisted mom jeans paired with a floral crop top and Dr. Martens shoes


Some girls might find mom jeans tacky. I think it’s an interesting fashion revival though. I adore the idea of wearing something that would remind me of the 90s, back when my aunt still wore mom jeans and it was in the late 90s when I first saw Axl Rose on TV basically because I was born in the late 80s.
Mom jeans aren’t for your mom anymore.  You can actually wear it with your Dr. Martens or platforms. Pair it with a plaid crop top or knitted sweater. I must remind you, don’t forget your vintage tees. Another thing: don’t be a fashion terrorist.


High Waisted Jeans


The revival of high-waisted jeans is a response to the revival of low waist skinny jeans. And the evolution of fashion also becomes an evolution for most trusted denim companies that target young men and women who are into jeans and fashion. At the end of the day, we are all the same – hungry consumers.


Miley Cyrus Fashion Style


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