DIY Coconut Oil Hair Treatment


I’m no tree hugger but I love organic products, especially natural hair treatments. Also, no one (not even some Pinterest guru) can make me pour vinegar on my head.

Everyone’s going crazy over organic coconut oil. Maybe that’s the reason why in Japan (we all know Japanese people are into anything fresh, organic and natural) there’s a high demand for extra virgin coconut oil. Even Americans are willing to spend dollars to get that natural hair treatment, not to mention the other benefits of coconut oil. Well, I guess we’re lucky here in the Philippines. Coconut trees are everywhere.

So instead of apple cider vinegar on your hair, I suggest using organic coconut oil for hair. If you don’t like to buy coconut oil in supermarkets because you don’t trust companies enough when they say they sell everything organic, don’t worry, doing your own coconut milk hair treatment should be a cakewalk.


DIY Coconut Oil Treatment For Dry Hair


What you need:


Coconut Oil

Making Hot Oil Hair Treatment


Oregano Leaves

Fresh Oregano Leaves


Honey and Eucalyptus Oil

How To Make DIY Organic Coconut Oil Hair Treatment


Step 1

Heat the coconut milk

Step 2

Add the oregano leaves, calamondin leaves, honey and eucalyptus oil

Step 3

Heat them over low heat

DIY Coconut Hair Treatment


Your coconut oil should look something like this:

DIY Organic Hair Treatment



How To Apply

Massage your hair and scalp. You can use it before you wash your hair. Use the oil as your regular hair conditioner.


My hair after applying oil (unwashed)

How To Make DIY Organic Coconut Oil Hair Treatment


After washing my hair 

How To Make DIY Organic Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

How To Make DIY Organic Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

Notice how my hair looks natural after washing my hair


Hair Flip Santana Lopez


What I Like About The DIY Coconut Oil Treatment

  • My hair’s exposed to chemicals but it’s really not as damaged as I expected it to be, using coconut oil is really a big help. My hair is healthier now.


  • It’s way too cheap as compared to expensive synthetic hair conditioners


  • It’s organic, no chemicals


  • I used to worry about my split ends back then but I stopped having them right after I started applying coconut oil on my hair


  • My hair feels softer


What I Don’t Like

  • Though you can smell the cooling aroma of eucalyptus oil, the familiar coconut smell lingers


  • It’s hot on the scalp if you put too much oil


Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Your Hair

  • Mixed with eucalyptus oil and honey, the oil is the best choice if you have dry scalp and terrible dandruff; remember that eucalyptus oil is a good anti-dandruff oil


  • It prevents gray hair and minimizes split ends


  • It nourishes dry hair and minimizes damages


  • Good hair conditioner. Say goodbye to synthetic hair conditioners


  • Not only is coconut oil good for your skin but it also moisturizes your hair, keeping it healthy


As a regular coconut oil user, I’ve proven this coconut oil hair treatment to be effective and yes, economical. An argan oil treatment would be nice too. The only problem is we don’t have argan trees here.

Goodbye synthetic hair products. We’re done with chemicals, adios.

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