images (3)A few hours ago, you drank your diet cola. Ten minutes later, you ate your oversized pizza. Next twenty minutes you will be both drinking and eating with Google. Sweet? No, I prefer ordinary. This is just one of the sweet but ordinary moments that anyone can experience even without the pizza and the diet cola in the scene.

Google is one of the three most popular search engines today. With Yahoo and MSN, Google just can’t help but to become the most friendly neighborhood in the online world. The fact that it’s Google, spending time with a good search engine is not such a pain in the ass.

Google is not just an ordinary search engine. It is also like an ordinary newspaper where you can read and search news. If you want to go online shopping, you can go to Froggle. You can create blogs and free web emails and enjoy online group discussions.

So what’s more with Google?

Google has an online social community that functions like any other social network service. Orkut lets you find members and enjoy the idea of online socialization.

When you are using Google for some academic purposes, then you have to be careful with your choice of words. You can use OR or +.

If you hate doing all the calculations, Google is just happy to do it for you. If you hate mathematical expressions, then you need not mourn. You can get away from them easily with Google’s Calculator.

With Google doing almost everything for you, you might want to forget your hatred against the world not doing everything for you.

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