Sunday, 13th of March

Nobody wants to cook on Sundays. Even chefs and your mom. One of the things your mom doesn’t want to tell you and your sibling is that sometimes she just wants to get lazy and have a day off. Of course, it includes not having to think about what to cook the next day.

So last Sunday, we decided to get lazy. The original plan was to go to Calinan for some chicken mami, batchoy and halo halo. Instead, we went to Tugbok District and enjoyed two catfish dishes – the first dish was cooked with coconut milk and the other one was deep fried.

We chose Golden Egg Ihaw Ihaw Hitoan partly because it was the first hitoan restaurant we spotted and partly because my friend highly recommended the place.


Hito 3


Hito 2


Before entering the restaurant, we were welcomed by live freshwater catfish. It felt weird to watch them being brutally murdered before my eyes. Yes, it was brutal yet a beautiful kind of death at the same time. It was beautiful because it was quick. They were just there, waiting to be killed. And we were the predators, waiting for the prey though it wasn’t really a hunt. It wasn’t even exciting.


Hito 4

Until now, I still can’t figure out the story behind this restaurant’s name

Hito 9

Inside the restaurant

Hito 5


Hito 6


Hito 7

Yes, they don’t just serve hito, they also serve chicken and pork dishes. Also, the prices are quite reasonable.


Hito 10

Hito 12

Deep fried catfish 

We enjoyed our crispy deep fried catfish with spicy soy sauce, fresh tomatoes, and some onions. I don’t usually eat fish because I’m a self-proclaimed vegetarian (don’t judge me).  I’ve been told that catfish feed on high-protein foods, and that includes meat. Maybe that’s the reason why these deep fried catfish really tasted good.


Hito 11

Ginataang Hito

Everything with coconut milk is dainty. I love coconut milk with vegetables so it was easy for this ginataan hito to steal my heart.

Overall, it was lazy yet satiated Sunday afternoon. Cheers to more lazy afternoons!


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