Genetically Modified Vegetables


Imitation is never thrice removed from the truth. I think it is still art. Consider GMO. Only by injecting bacteria into the cells of a plant with a poor genetic material, the economic condition of agriculture is transformed at its best. The supply and demand in a community are directly proportional.

I am pro-GMO. Consider these facts: With genetically modified vegetables, the farmers need not spend a large sum of money for fertilizers and insecticides, instead, there is an increase in the production of food. The animal growers can also gain benefits because of the fact that the animals they are raising are competent in terms of meat production.

On the other hand, the problem with GMO is that biotechnology, with such modifications, is slowly losing grip to the idea of originality. In the documentary, the negative effects of GMO were deliberately shown. There were issues of intellectual property rights, unsafe health benefits considering the fact that they are inserting viruses into the plants and animals that we consume.

When I think of GMO, I think of the people in Vietnam and Africa who died of starvation, low food production while the demand for supply is still increasing. Maybe those who have prejudged such technology should somehow sympathize and learn more about GMO.

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