You are trapped in a black hole.  You like to listen to Matchbox 20 because the songs remind you of your ex who is obsessed with Mars and constellations. You wait for the stars because you want him to listen as you passionately tell him the stories of the constellations in your own terms, how the universe gave birth to millions of stars guided by gods, arguing the flaws in his hypotheses. You know he would be half amused. You despise the fact that he can clearly explain what parallel universe is yet he cannot explain feelings, the death of love and the sudden death of your stars. Constellations failed to interpret your pain.

And you struggle to move on.


So how do you really move on? Let me count the ways:


Go Trekking 


Forget being an indoor person. You’ve mourned for the same person for a week. Perhaps after a week or two, you will mourn no more. Reconnect with your old friends and enjoy long distance backpacking trails with them. Get busy buying new trekking equipment. The long walks might remind you of your walks together, of those fights that were never left unresolved and his sweaty palms that you strangely find sexy. But none of those memories matter anymore. Like the stars, they’re dead.

Enjoy the sunrise

Feel the wind

Be free.




If you’re living within Davao City, here are some hiking routes you can check out:

Mt. Hamiguitan (San Isidro, Davao Oriental)

Mt. Puting Bato (Samal Island)



Go to the Gym


Exercise can heal a broken heart. Physical pain is the best distraction. Besides, being in a new crowd of strangers is therapeutic. You can do yoga to relax your mind. Or you can try boxing if you find yoga boring. You will have a sexier body, good mental health and new gym buddies. And you will start to build your confidence. Breakups can lower your self-esteem. You tend to doubt your self-value. The best part is you will learn to rediscover yourself.


To do:

Go running

Find a gym buddy and motivate each other

Throw away your old heels and buy a new pair of running shoes





Have a Personal Project


Get yourself distracted. If you are into photography, make a portfolio of the pictures you’ve taken.  Or you can change something in your bedroom. Check some bedroom decoration ideas or home renovation tips online. Repaint your room. Find some DIY projects on Pinterest. Learn a new skill.


Other personal project ideas:

If you love playing the guitar or drums, find other musicians and form a band. Create an album.

Write a poem. Experience catharsis. Or write a book. 

Go on a significant trip. Refresh your mind. 

Read books related to gardening and landscaping ideas





Try New Restaurants

Good food can feed a broken soul. Try visiting some restaurants near your place.  Most girls are comforted by sweet words and foods. Guys heal their hearts eating grilled meat with different types of barbecue sauce. We have our own coping mechanisms. Our love for food is in our system. Every bite provides a sense of peacefulness and satisfaction. Unsurprisingly, good food is way better than your ex. (No arguments from Sheldon Cooper).




Like the constellations, you are visible yet imaginary. Unlike the constellations, you are fragmented; disconnected.



You are not a constellation


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