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Raised in a religious society, the thought of inserting a reusable menstrual cup inside my vulva was way too creepy with Hellraiser movie scenes playing inside my head – the Female cenobite speaking in a harsh voice and Pinhead torturing a willing victim, his flesh torn into pieces ( insert interesting sound effects). Looking at the cup’s rim feels as though Pinhead’s ripping my vaginal flesh with a period cup. I tend to exaggerate things. You don’t want to get inside my ugly head. I’m sorry.


Hellraiser Pinhead


For girls coming from third world countries, the idea of using a menstrual cup might sound weird and too advanced. But sanitary pads are your silent killers. Sanitary pads materials contain chemicals that you don’t want to be near your vagina. And nobody can ever convince me to wear tampons. Like sanitary napkins, tampons have medical side effects. Wearing a feminine cup is my last resort.


If you check some menstrual cup reviews online, they always have the best things to say about DivaCup. One of the reasons why I didn’t choose DivaCup is because it’s too pricey so I chose EvaCup instead.


Personal Review of Anigan’s  EvaCup Feminine Cup


Company Profile

Anigan’s EvaCup is based in California, USA. The company focuses on producing safe feminine hygiene products for women, especially menstrual products such as period cups, first period kits, menstrual accessories such as warmers to ease menstrual cramps, and stain-free period panties.


EvaCup Menstrual Cup


What I like About The Cup ♥


Cute Packaging


EvaCup Menstrual Cup

Period Cup

Feminine Cup


I love the packaging, it’s too hip and cute. I’ve seen the packaging of DivaCup but EvaCup has better packaging, making first timers like me feel less nervous about shoving a cup inside. It gives the impression that getting your period is okay because you have the choice to use colorful cups to make you feel better.


Also, you can easily bring your cup with you because it includes a colorful pouch that doesn’t say you’re carrying a feminine cup with you.


Simple Color and Design

 Feminine Cup Review


EvaCup’s design is okay, nothing really unique about it except that it looks manageable. It’s easy to clean because it doesn’t have ridges like other cups. It looks simple and easy to use, nothing complicated with the design, which is good news for first-time users.


I chose a pink period cup because it makes me feel warm and girly. Anigan EvaCup has many cute cup colors available, which is fun because you’re more occupied about choosing your favorite colors rather than thinking negatively about your period and how it’s going to change your way of life in a very short period of time.




A first time cup user surely has doubts when it comes to menstrual leaks. I was skeptical the first time I inserted it. It was the second day of my period and it wasn’t heavy flow unlike the first day. There was no leakage and I was comfortable not wearing any pads at all. I don’t usually have heavy bleeding during my menstrual cycle. I don’t know with other girls who really have heavy period flow. Based on some personal reviews, one of the reasons why users love EvaCup is it doesn’t leak. Be reminded that the capability of a cup to hold fluid depends on the heaviness of your menstrual flow.


Safe and Comfortable

EvaCup Review

Menstrual cups


It would be a big lie to say that I felt comfortable with the cup the first time I used it. Perhaps the biggest reason why it felt alright was the fact that it’s made from silicone. The cup is flexible yet firm inside, enough to convince you that your menstrual blood won’t gush out from the cup. I didn’t feel any ridges or sharp objects inside me, contrary to what my mind was telling me the first time I laid my eyes on the cup’s stem.


Reusable and Affordable

As compared to DivaCup, one of the popular feminine cup brands online, EvaCup is cheaper. The price depends on who’s selling it but it’s being sold for $18.99 to $24.99. I bought my EvaCup Single Pack for only $24.99.  Imagine the amount of money you need to spend every month for your sanitary pads or reusable tampons. You’re lucky if your country doesn’t impose taxes on feminine hygiene products. If you read some menstrual cup reviews submitted by real users, you will find out that while DivaCup is indeed a household name in the world of menstruation cups, there are still users who prefer EvaCup simply because it’s affordable and the quality is competitive with the other expensive cup brands.


Easy To Clean and Sterilize

Anigan website ideally suggests using a microwave to sterilize the silicone menstrual cup. However, if you’re traveling, you can sterilize it by pouring hot water in the cup. Like I said, its simple design makes it easier for me to clean my cup, no ridges to worry about.


Step by Step Instructions

Menstrual Cup

EvaCup Menstrual Cup


Although there are detailed video instructions online, it’s still a relief to know that EvaCup’s packaging contains detailed instructions that are very helpful for first-time users like me. The box has a tiny booklet that shows step by step instructions on how to properly insert the cup.


What I Don’t Like About The Cup   Χ




Apart from the design, the sizing of the cup is also considered one of the important factors to determine what menstrual cup brand you should buy. Menstrual cup brands have different sizes.

I’ve read in some reviews that Asian consumers usually have problems with the cup sizes. In my case, I chose the Size 1 Small EvaCup thinking it would fit me because Asians are petite and smaller than other races. When the menstrual cup was delivered to me, I was already worried about the size. When I saw the cup, I was a bit disappointed. Although the cup was cute and flexible, I was still upset about the sizing. In the website, it was stated there that EvaCup Size One is for women who haven’t given birth yet (vaginally) and who are considered young adults with petite body types. I’m not petite, I have a semi medium body size and I’ve given birth through C-section but the cup was large and long for me. I’ve read testimonies and comments from cup users with the same brand and only a few of them complained about the size. Perhaps the majority of the users are Americans or Caucasians.


Read the cup size details carefully. If you’re Asian, check testimonies from Asian users and get suggestions from them.



Thick Base

 Period Cup Review

I love that the body of the cup is soft and flexible. However, though the rim is soft, it feels thick inside. I find the rim’s thickness uncomfortable even after a number of insertion trials. The rim is firm inside yet I feel like it’s too wide and too thick for me.


Short Stem

Although a lot of girls prefer short-stemmed cups, I prefer longer ones. Maybe because it makes me feel at ease that my vagina won’t swallow up the cup and if it does, I can easily pull it out. Of course, I’m exaggerating scenarios. I’m a bit uncomfortable with EvaCup’s short stem but like I said, it depends on your vagina’s length or depth.


Inconvenient and Time-Consuming

The idea of emptying the feminine cup after every three or four hours can be exhausting. Bathroom trips can be much of hassle especially if you’re busy working in the office. Also, you’re lucky if your bathroom has hot water so it’s easy to sterilize the cup even when you’re at work.  You can actually buy a menstrual cup with a collapsible sterilizing cup if you’re going to buy Anigan’s Period Kit. I’m planning to buy a cup one of these days. My problem is that I need to have it shipped here in the Philippines, which means I have to spend money again for the shipping fee.



I love my EvaCup. The cup’s simple design helps me stay calm and feel at ease. It doesn’t look intimidating, its color and simplicity are comforting. I’m not a tampon user and I haven’t used tampons before. It’s quite a challenge for menstrual cup companies to market their products in a country where tampons are never heard of and sanitary pads can be bought even in small grocery stores in suburban areas.

Although the legitimacy of the cup’s safety claims needs a lot of time for users to confirm, it still makes me feel better that I’ve switched from sanitary pads to menstrual cups. According to the company’s website, Anigan’s EvaCup is made from high-grade medical silicone and the materials are FDA approved so you don’t need to worry about getting cancer or any serious medical conditions through wearing tampons or sanitary pads. One of the major reasons why women consider wearing menstrual cups is basically because of our increasing concerns about the safety of pads and tampons.

I would surely recommend EvaCup to my girlfriends. Although I’ve never tried using other cups, I think EvaCup is the best choice because it’s much more affordable than other cups with the same quality standards. Also, I’ve never experienced any allergies since I started using EvaCup. Time to say goodbye to allergies from using sanitary pads.

After checking some online user comments and reviews, I realize that size is an important factor in rating a menstrual cup. It would be great if the company will produce smaller cups for Asian cup users like me.

I’ve read about vaginal infections experienced by most girls wearing EvaCup period cups. Fortunately, I’ve never experienced any infections and I’m still in a healthy relationship with my cup. I hope the company takes much time to check such complaints and reevaluate the cups. There are other possible reasons why they experienced infection, for instance, if the cup wasn’t properly sterilized after using it or if they have extra sensitive vaginal area.


Where to buy menstrual cup

You can buy menstruation cups online. Check the rating and reviews by real users. There are other menstrual cup brands to choose from, for instance, Lunette Cups and Super Jennie feminine cups.

  Menstrual cup reviews

I’m sorry for reminding you about some graphic scenes in Hellraiser movies. I love the Female cenobite and it would be interesting if they can show menstrual blood stains on her leather robe. Menstruation is beautiful. Womanhood is beautiful.

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