PreMenstrual Syndrome OOTD

Fashion and style are two different things. Take a break from fashion. Sometimes it’s also about style. Your style is about you and your connection to the universe, and not about the clothes that you can buy in some fashion websites. My sense of style always depends on my hormones and functionality. Basically, I am a slave of my own hormones.

Dr. Martens Fashion, Punk Culture and Violent Films

The term “acid-washed” is actually a misnomer since no acid is used during the process. Due to the revival of 1980s and 1990s fashion style, today’s women street fashion include tattered jeans and acid-washed pairs of denim. You can check cool DIY bleached and tattered jeans on Pinterest.

Sick Day Fashion | Mid High Socks | Vans Old Skool

I sometimes find comfort being too sad. I love pain because pain ignites ideas. Pain defies the deaths of stories. Pain and madness make me write. It’s like being in a trance and the next minute I am already writing, grinning at the thought that I have outlived pain. I want to be possessed like the way one of Nick Joaquin’s tatarin moves. But mine would be different. I want to possess and be possessed forever by poetry.

Why 90s Outfits and Plaid Fashion Are Making Comebacks

Like Kate Moss, we’re stuck in the 90s. Some 90s kids feel superior, it’s not surprising at all. Perhaps it’s because we’re made to believe that we had better music, movies, and experiences as compared to other kids born in a different era.

Why Fashion Socks (And All The Frills) Are Making A Comeback

I feel nostalgic. Frilly socks or bobby socks can bring such a very terrible nostalgia. Lace socks remind me of school girls back in the 90s who classically wore their frilly socks and loafers or a pair of Mary Janes. Today lacy socks and knee high socks are common even for girls who aren’t schoolgirls anymore.

How To Wear Your High-Waisted Skinny Jeans

High-waisted skinny jeans are usually paired with crop tops. The main purpose is to specifically display and show off its perfect fit on your waist – after all, high waisted jeans are designed to be higher than your navel. Finding the right tops for my jeans is a difficult task for me. ZALORA has a wide selection of women’s fashion. I love their tops.

Coachella: Music and Fashion

Labelled as “anti-Woodstock” due to the organizers’ desire to book acts based on artistry than radio popularity,Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival’s main purpose is to recreate European style music festivals with small crowds. So you can imagine the whole scenario – fully booked Coachella hotels, Coachella tickets for sale and some really good music. As of today, it’s considered one of the most famous and largest music festivals in the United States. I must say, these organizers are filthy rich.

How I Stole Morpheus’ (The Matrix) Look

So basically I feel like I’m Morpheus having gay feelings for Keanu Reeves. Don’t judge me Morpheus.

The Love For Suspender Skirts and Harajuku Fashion

The fit and flare style is definitely not a fresh concept.  Yes, skater skirts were literally worn by figure skaters.  Flared skirts with bright colors- skaters began to wear them back in the old days.  Now they’re shorter, more modern and flared.

DIY Band Shirts Ideas

Floral Skirt Outfits

Admit it, anything floral is cute. I’m not really into floral but looking at people wearing floral takes me to happy places- makes me remember something sweet, something comfy.