The Dota player peeled off his dirty socks, too focused on his computer’s screen that he forgot everything about your plans tonight. You wanted to be angry. Perhaps nag. Scream at his face that you couldn’t just cancel plans. You didn’t do your perfectly shaped eyebrows for nothing. But he was good at playing dead. He knew when to play dead and when to attack. You could be angry for hours. But he mastered the art of patience so he would patiently wait for your apology just as he patiently waited for his heroes to be resurrected.  After all, you were matured enough to realize you shouldn’t be angry at online games or canceling plans for the fifth time this month. It would be a real struggle to be annoyed at him for a long time, especially when he looked so sexy without his shirt on. Damn.


Dota 2 Characters


Don’t fall in love with a Dota player. He knows how to play Dota. Obviously, he has suffered loss and defeat. It would be difficult to break his heart. He has survived heart aches each time his favorite heroes are killed. He knows how easy it is to spawn them. He is unbreakable. Your childish actions and lack of compassion (sometimes) are nothing compared to the struggles he needs to face in battle – searching for escape routes, making sure he doesn’t run out of mana and doing combos and micros while engaging in meaningful conversations with you.

You can argue about Captain America‘s abs or destroy his religious beliefs. You can be heartless but he knows the spells he should use to calm your bitter soul. As a Dota player, he has deadly ultimate skills and he is good at quick calculations. He knows how easy it is to kill a hero by doing a quick estimate of the damage output whenever he attacks enemies. He can teach you to be strong but he alone makes you vulnerable, unless if you’re Akasha, the Queen of Pain.


Dota 2 Characters


He can identify the errors and mistakes in your relationship. And that is every woman’s weakness – to be with a guy who knows how to apologize. His mind is always alert. He is a strategic player and he will continue to find the best tactics to captivate you. You are his main target. He sticks to his target; he can endure your whining and your nonsense complaints. His feelings are like hieroglyphics – it takes a lot of time for you to finally decipher them. He will make you fall so deep it will be difficult for you to let go.



He knows your strengths and weaknesses just as he knows his heroes’ skills and abilities by heart. You are his Omniknight.  He will not get tired of chasing you halfway around the world. He is obsessed with the idea of chasing you. He likes endless chasing games. Like his Omniknight, he can use his Degen Aura on you to prevent your escape. After all those disturbing fights, he may not let you run away. But it is not going to be easy. Unconsciously, you are his Guardian Angel providing immunity against any damage. His Omniknight has the ability to lessen the damage of an enemy’s physical attacks – he can deal with any type of emotional damage your relationship has inflicted you while you suffered the consequences of staying with him. But you want to stay because he is the only one who seeks the secrets maps of your soul.

Do not fall in love with a Dota player if your heart is masked with dread and doubts. Fall in love with a Dota player when you finally learn to be FEARLESS.


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