Evolution in Between MealsWhen I heard of the word “evolution”, I believe that it is not merely enclosed to the idea of the evolution of the body and organisms but the evolution of humanity in terms of intelligence, creativity and its interaction to its society.

Human beings are genetically similar. And so, through genetic evidences, more facts to support such claim had been revealed. The use of mitochondrial DNA has widened more scientific speculations.

East Africa became the landscape of human evolution. The remnants of art forms found in caves deliberately support issues on how the human mind was born. Some enthusiasts actually demonstrated how the first human beings lived and survived. They showed the actual process on how our first ancestors made their tools, thus, proving their regularity of thinking. This fact is a strong grasp to the idea that humans are genetically similar.

Shell beads and ornaments became important artifacts of the mind’s big bang, providing knowledge of prehistoric histories. Fossils that were left behind traced us back to the prehistoric times, eventually, to the riddles of the human mind.

I believe human beings are indeed a product of evolution. And the mind is definitely a big bang.

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