Lamb of God


I’m wearing my acid washed jeans that I bought from a thrift store and my pair of docs that I bought online. I know my LOG shirt is awesome.  So what I did was I cut the sleeves of the shirt because most band shirts are too big or too small for me. It’s actually more comfortable especially when it gets hotter everyday.  And the whole outfit looks simple yet badass. 

Band shirts sizes are usually large or extra large. They still look big even if it’s medium sized though. This is a big problem for most girls who want to wear band shirts and still look hot. What I did was I just cut off the neck and arms of the shirt to fit. There are a lot of DIY T-shirt cutting designs online. You can check Pinterest for more DIY shirt design ideas.

DIY Choker Band Tee


How To Cut Your Shirt

Vintage oversized band tee

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