How do you usually spend your weekends? Well, the usual. You read a good A.M. Homes book or maybe do some DIY stuff and watch The Walking Dead episodes for the 5th time because you have to wait like forever for the next season. Or do the laundry and just be a slob for two days. OR YOU CAN GO TO COACHELLA.

Labelled as “anti-Woodstock” due to the organizers’ desire to book acts based on artistry than radio popularity,Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival’s main purpose is to recreate European style music festivals with small crowds. So you can imagine the whole scenario – fully booked Coachella hotels, Coachella tickets for sale and some real good music. As of today, it’s considered as one of the most famous and largest music festivals in the United States. I must say, these organizers are filthy rich.

Coachella Festival is originally about music. Or perhaps about fashion too. Throughout the years, Coachella fashion style revolves around denim shorts, mom jeans, high waisted shorts, fringes and boots. And don’t forget the messy hair look and fishtails, and hippie hair accessories. Some go for the gypsy look while others relive the 90s fashion trend. Indeed, the fashion industry is alive in the desert. No more boring weekends.


So how do you keep up with Coachella festival? Pretend that you’re somewhere in California, all packed up and ready for the festival. Imagine that sunset and that Coachella feeling that lingers in you as you go home.


So here’s how I managed to overcome my extreme jealous tendencies:
Coachella 2
Cherry red Dr. Martens shoes
American Eagle Outfitters high waisted shorts
Dior sunglasses

I’m a fan of 90s fashion style, especially street fashion. I’ve had several attempts to revive Alicia Silverstone’s looks in some of her old movies. Tattered denim shorts, comfy shirts or crop tops and boots – my most vivid memory of her. Not such a bad outfit for the Coachella event since some concert goers might wear something denim like mom jeans or anything stonewashed or faded. And don’t forget how hot it is in California.

Korean Maxi Dress
Korean long dress
Sanuk flip flops
Coachella: Music and Fashion
Forever 21 top
Zara palazzo pants
Sanuk flip flops

Wide leg palazzo pants are just too comfortable for me. Coachella concert goers also go for a bohemian hippie look. I paired this bohemian gypsy patterned palazzo pants with a fit top and it contrasts my wide leg pants. As expected, women fashion is always complex.

Coachella is indeed about music and fashion. After all fashion is art.
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