How To Spot Damaged Skin Through VISIA Facial Skin Analysis

How To Spot Damaged Skin Through VISIA Facial Skin Analysis

VISIA professional facial skin analysis review

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Having healthy skin helps fight skin aging and other viruses. We all struggle to have glowing and healthy skin. For women, beauty is everything. And having a good skin care routine tells much about you. So how well do you know your skin? 

The idea of having a machine that can thoroughly evaluate your skin is somehow refreshing. The VISIA Facial Skin Complexion Analysis machine gives patients objective skin evaluation. It lets you see every detail and gives you a complete picture of your skin health. It doesn’t just evaluate but it helps your doctor determine how to treat your skin related problems and prepare for future aging treatments. 

Dr. Neil Oropeza’s clinic is perhaps one of the most innovative clinics in Davao City. It’s the only clinic in Davao that offers PicoSure laser treatments and Visia Skin Complexion Analysis. Dr. Niel Oropeza is a part of my PicoSure laser tattoo removal journey and allowed me to experience the Visia Skin Complexion Analysis device. 

Visia captures high-quality facial images to clearly analyze your skin. I was uncomfortable at first but managed to feel at ease because the assistant was really nice and friendly. 


How VISIA Facial Complexion Analysis Works


Visia Skin Analysis Clinic

Capturing images from different angles

Visia Skin Analysis

Visia Skin Analysis

Visia Skin Analysis Davao

Visia aims to gather clearly defined visual information on important areas that affect your skin health: pores, red and brown spots, wrinkles, skin texture,  color evenness of complexion, UV spots and the presence of bacteria. 

Visia Complexion Analysis

Visia Skin Analysis Davao

Visia Analysis Result

Showing porphyrins or presence of acne-causing bacteria in pores

Visia Skin Analysis Red Spots

Showing red areas on my face

Visia Skn Analysis

Showing the brown spots on my face

Visia Skin Analysis Results

Using the 3D viewer to clearly see skin problems and damaged skin cells

Visia Complexion Analysis Philippines

The result shows my estimated age based on my skin health on the right part of my face. No thanks to my wrinkles, spots and others for making me feel older. As you can see, it says here that my TruSkin age is 33 while my actual age is 28.

Skin Analysis Result

The result shows the left part of my face is healthier and younger than the other. My actual age is 28 but my TruSkin age estimate is 23 years old. 

Visia Skin Complexion Analysis Result

Happy with the result 😉 

Visia Skin Analysis Result


This is the overall result of the Visia Skin Analysis device. The result reveals that I have low UV spots percentage maybe because I work at home so I am not always exposed to the sun. Basically, I have a higher percentage of enlarged pores, red areas and bad skin texture.  The result is upsetting yet it’s also helpful because it helps me learn more about my skin health. The treatment is unique and individualized. 


How To Treat Acne and Discoloration Through A Machine


I had a sudden acne breakout on my forehead a year ago. My skin is not prone to acne, believe me, my parents didn’t suffer from acne during their younger days. So I thought it must be my hormones. I was convinced it has hormonal acne so I didn’t bother to treat them, I thought they would just go away. But they kept growing. I started to look for effective skin care routines online. I compared the skin routines of different beauty influencers and tried the products they promoted on their YouTube channels. After a few months, I gave up and focused more on taking skin vitamins and birth control pills instead. I also prepared a bottle of sunflower oil to treat acne scars just in case.

The skin vitamins worked but they did not completely get rid of the acne, specifically my whiteheads. Somehow, I became dependent on concealers to hide them whenever I would go out and meet my friends. I thought of trying out new treatments but I thought perhaps it was time to turn to technology. 

I went to Oroderm again and the first thing that they recommended was to use the Visia Skin Analysis machine. Before they could proceed with the treatment, they wanted to have a record of my skin health so they can compare if the treatment is effective. 


Visia Skin Health Analysis


Bacteria prone areas on face


My old VISIA Analysis photo result (forgot to take photos of my latest results) can be used as a reference to clearly show the bacteria prone areas on my face. The result is accurate because my whiteheads would only grow on three specific areas: my forehead, cheeks and along the edge of my nose.  Now I’m more careful when it comes to my hairstyle. Since my forehead is prone to acne, I should avoid hairstyles with bangs to avoid whiteheads. Also, I make sure that my hair doesn’t touch my face. I was asked to go back to the clinic after a month and use the machine again.

What I really love about VISIA professional skin machine is that it helps you find the brown spots on your face, acne-prone areas, pores and red areas that we couldn’t fully determine without the machine. The results of the Visia Skin Analysis would be a patient’s baseline for future assessments. You can constantly monitor if there is progress with the treatment, it’s like seeing everything under a microscope where everything is transparent and highly defined.


What To Know About VISIA Facial Skin Complexion Analysis


What is the importance of Visia Complexion Analysis?

The device helps determine what kind of approach and treatment a certain patient needs. It helps to diagnose the problem and formulate unique and specific aesthetic treatments. The treatment is personalized and not generalized. 

Does it hurt?

No, it doesn’t. It only captures your facial images so don’t worry, no needles. 

How long does it take to finish the procedure?

It only takes a few minutes. It’s like letting a machine do your selfie.  

How much does Visia Analysis cost?

It depends on your location and clinic. 


A lot of people pay too much for skin treatments especially for those who have acne problems. But the treatment isn’t individualized so maybe that’s the reason why there is no progress with the treatment. 

If you’re living in Davao City, you might want to try the Visia Skin Complexion Analysis machine. You may visit:

Dr. Niel Oropeza

Oropeza Dermatology Clinic/ Oroderm

Address: 64, Rizal Extension, Dermhaus Clinic, Davao City, 8000 Davao del Sur

Direct Line:  (082)227 3643

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Why Everyone’s Crazy Over BeautyMNL

Why Everyone’s Crazy Over BeautyMNL



I’m the type of person who buys everything online – from my shoes and beauty products to sports equipment and kitchen tools. It’s not easy to buy imported and local beauty products here in the Philippines because they’re mostly available in physical stores or some of them aren’t available in the country. BeautyMNL is one of the leading beauty stores online that offers a variety of products celebrating beauty and femininity. 

BeautyMNL sent me an email offering to give me credits and do a site test run review and to try the products they’ve chosen as well. Here are my thoughts: 


What I Love About BeautyMNL


The website is very responsive and my shopping experience was hassle free and very convenient. I got my order confirmation email hours after I placed my order. 


I love reviews. The site has a customer review section below a specific product, which is really helpful. The reviews are genuine and now that I’m aware of such reviews, each time I search products, I go directly to the review section. 

Also, the discounted items are just irresistible! From the first to the last time I checked BeautyMNL, so many products are still on sale, it’s making me crazy! 


Beauty MNL products


I got my package two weeks ago and was very excited to try them. Here are my sincere thoughts:


Facial Oil in One (Keeping It Smooth) by Nature Review


Organic Facial Oil


While the thought of applying oil on your face may seem unappealing at first, the fact that it’s organic and made of natural ingredients might convince you to buy one. 


When I turned 28, I started to feel worried about my aging skin and started searching for tips on how to spot damaged skin. I’m worried about having fine lines so I started applying moisturizers and sunblock creams to moisturize and protect my skin. I’m using Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil to naturally lighten my dark under eyes, organic bleaching soap with rosehip and calamansi, tomato toner, castor oil for my hair, cucumber facial mist and other organic local products. You see, I’m very much into anything organic.


Here’s my review of Facial Oil in One By Nature:


What To Love About The Product


It’s 100% natural and organic 


The facial oil has no chemical preservatives and artificial coloring. It’s actually a mixture of organic avocado oil, organic sunflower oil, organic jojoba oil and tomato extract. Instead of applying one certain type of oil on your face, you’re using a combination of different organic oils. 


It softens and moisturizes


I normally apply the oil on my face at night and my face feels softer in the morning. My face feels moisturized so instead of using my regular moisturizer, I’m now using this oil even at daytime since I’m at home most of the time.


It’s safe for babies too  


Because it’s organic, you can also use the oil for your child without worrying about harmful chemicals that most products have. Maybe an ample amount will do. 


Non-sticky and unscented


I was worried when I opened the package and found a facial oil bottle among the other items. I’ve tried some beauty oils before and some of them can be sticky and messy. This facial oil isn’t that sticky as compared to other oils. It quickly absorbs to the skin yet it doesn’t dry up. Although I’d want my oil to be scented to give me a relaxing feeling, I think it’s better for an oil to be unscented because synthetic fragrance is not good and sensitive skin reacts to fragrance ingredients. 


It doesn’t spill


I’m not a big fan of pump bottles but this one’s better than the ordinary bottles most companies use for their oils. It doesn’t spill because it’s in a pump bottle. 



What To Not Love About The Product


None. I love everything about the oil! 





Facial Oil in One By Nature is natural and organic. It’s also affordable because it’s only 290php. I love supporting local beauty products that are biodegradable and environment-friendly. Trust men, you can never go wrong with organic products. 


Check the product here



Shiseido Tsubaki Oil Extra Intensive Damage Care Shampoo Review



Shiseido Tsubaki Shampoo


I’m careful when it comes to using hair products because of my bleached hair. As a person who stays at home most of the time, I don’t really use hair conditioner products or hair masks unless if I’m going to attend an event where I need to have a healthy looking hair. 


Facts about Tsubaki oil:


Tsubaki oil, or Camellia japonica oil strengthens hair and it helps bring back your hair moisture. It also protects hair from damage because of using hair dryer and hair iron. 


I love Shiseido products. I’ve tried Shiseido Tsubaki Hair Conditioner Shining and it made my hair look shiny and natural. Here’s my review of Shiseido Tsubaki Oil Extra Intensive Damage Care Shampoo:


What To Love About The Product


It makes your hair look shiny and natural even without hair conditioner


Tsubaki Oil Review


My hair is damaged and it’s expected that it’s going to be dry and frizzy especially if I don’t apply hair conditioner. After using the shampoo, my hair was shiny and it looked really natural. 


It makes your hair softer


Here in the Philippines where it’s always hot and humid, having a dull dry hair is quite normal. I turn to hair masks and conditioners. I don’t always have time to make DIY organic coconut oil hair treatment so I have to use commercial conditioners instead. 

One of the reasons why we use hair conditioners is to have softer hair. What’s amazing about the Shiseido Tsubaki shampoo is that it makes your hair softer and somehow moisturized. It’s empowering not to use hair conditioners to have smoother hair. 



What To Not Love About The Product


Your hair feels rough while wet


 Your hair doesn’t feel soft when it’s still wet. It only feels smoother when it gets dry. 


It’s unscented


It’s a bit disappointing to know that the shampoo doesn’t make your hair smell good. I think shampoos just don’t make your hair feel clean but they should also make your hair smell like flowers or anything feminine.



The Shiseido Tsubaki Oil Extra Intensive Damage Care Shampoo is one of the best shampoo brands I’ve ever tried. It makes your hair look natural and healthy. It’s not a cheap shampoo brand I tell you, but it’s totally worth it. 


Check the product here



Made by David Organics Orange and Vanilla Dry Shampoo Review

Made by David Organics Dry Shampoo


With a chemically damaged hair like mine, washing my hair is one of the most heartbreaking things in the world, next to being dumped through social media. My bleached hair is dry and it gets drier everyday because I need to wash my hair unless I want it to look like a fake wig. Once a month, I try to make my own coconut hair treatment oil yet one of the saddest things about applying coconut oil on your hair is that it slightly smells and can be disturbing especially if you’re in an event or a party where people are sitting next to each other. 


What I learned about bleached hair is that it shouldn’t be washed all the time, no overexposure to the sun and most importantly, use a dry shampoo instead of the regular one. I’ve always wanted to buy one but I don’t want to spend too much dinero on popular dry shampoo brands like Toni and Guy or Tresemme. Thanks to BeautyMNL for sending me a dry shampoo that’s natural and organic. 

Here’s my review of Made by David Organics Orange and Vanilla Dry Shampoo:



What To Not Love About The Product

Smells sweet and nice 


The dry shampoo smells better than Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific. Well, what do you expect from an orange and vanilla dry shampoo powder? I love that it makes everybody believe that you just sprayed hair fragrance spray.  One of my problems whenever I skip washing my hair is the smell of dust and dirt. It’s a relief that it absolutely smells terrific, making you feel refreshed all day. 


It absorbs dirt and oil 


A dry shampoo’s job is to absorb oil and dirt and so far, Made by David’s dry shampoo did absorb oil. You just need to massage your hair and blend. 

Dry shampoo instructions


Volumizes hair


I love how it increases my hair volume as long as the powder reaches the roots or oily parts of the hair.  


Dry Shampoo Review


Doesn’t spill 


Made by David

Why Everyone's Crazy Over BeautyMNL


Majority of beauty consumers realize the importance of reliable beauty product containers only when they travel or when they’re spilled inside their bags or pouches. I love that the powder doesn’t spill and the cap is reliable. 



The product is way cheaper than other popular brands like Tony & Guy. It’s being sold for only 250php at BeautyMNL.  


Cute packaging


Nobody can resist a cute packaging. The color of the packaging is too cute you won’t ever think twice of carrying the product with you anytime anywhere. Also, I love that the bottle is made of plastic and not glass so you don’t need to worry about breaking it. 


Local brand


Made by David Organics is a local brand and I always recommend local beauty products to my friends simply because they know what suits our needs. Also, local products are sometimes organic and use less harmful chemicals. 


What To Not Love About The Product


The powder residue might make you sneeze


Dry Shampoo Powder


I don’t have severe allergies and no history of allergic rhinitis. I’ve always hated powdered products and I must say that the powder kept me sneezing for a long time. If you are sensitive when it comes to dust particles and powder, I recommend putting very small amount of powder on your scalp. Don’t forget to blend the powder on your hair with enough patience.


Spray nozzle works better


I was a bit surprised when I opened the product because I expected that it was going to be a dry shampoo with spray nozzle. It didn’t have a nozzle so I realized it’s a bit troublesome to use a powdered dry shampoo.  


A bit messy if not done properly


Using a dry shampoo can be messy for first time users. The first time I used it, the powder was all over my forehead. 




Made by David Dry Shampoo makes your hair look shiny and healthy at a very affordable price. It’s convenient especially if you’re always on the go because it’s lightweight. Also, the best thing about it is it makes your hair sweet smelling. 


Made by David Organics Review



Check the product here



I love my BeautyMNL haul! It’s nice to get to try the products and share my experience. BeautyMNL doesn’t just sell products but they also share beauty related articles. You can check their in-house magazine Bloom and read customer reviews here.


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All Natural and Organic KJM Cheek and Lip Tint Review | Korean Lip Stain Addiction

All Natural and Organic KJM Cheek and Lip Tint Review | Korean Lip Stain Addiction

KJM Cheek and Lip Stain


Rest in peace matte lipsticks, may you find solace inside my refrigerator (refrigerate your lipsticks at your own risk). I’m almost done with matte lipsticks and though I’m sometimes tempted to buy Kylie lipsticks every time  I see Kylie Jenner’s Instagram account, I’m in a happy relationship with my lip tints – I feel young and very Korean since Korean makeup mostly includes eyeliners and lip tints. You can be Lee Min Ho’s Suzy Bae with a pink lip tint. Lip tints just keep my mind working each time I see Lee Min Ho in a dark suit. And don’t forget the cheek tints  – they make you look younger. What a cute way to cheat aging.


Lip Tints


I’ve posted my Benefit Benetint review before and though I have positive views about Benefit Lip and Cheek Tint, I still continue looking for cheaper alternatives. A friend recommended KJM Cheek and Lip Stains since it’s a Davao-based company and all products are organic. I’m not a native of Davao City but this is my second home since I’ve been staying here for almost 14 years and it’s good to hear that we have locally made lip tints patronized nationwide. Although I’ve done some laser tattoo removal sessions a few months back and I openly support people who choose to undergo plastic surgeries, I still choose natural products to enhance my looks.  Also, I love organic beauty products. I choose organic products for my skin nowadays after I had my skin health evaluation to help skin doctors determine how to treat skin related problems.  It’s good to look beautiful by applying your favorite makeup products without any worries if the products contain harmful chemicals that are bad for you. That’s why I love SkinFood because of their all natural based cosmetic products. The prices are higher as compared to other Korean products but I trust them better than Etude especially when it comes to skincare products.


KMJ Cheek and Lip Tints



What to love about KJM Lip Stains ♥


Variety of shades 

Although Benefit’s Benetint lasts longer, as far as I know, they only have four shades available and the colors are similar. I was ignorant to believe that lip tints are only available in pink and red shades. KJM offers a variety of colors and I love all of them. Having different shades means having different cheek colors to match your lips. The shades are beautiful. You can put it unevenly if you want your lips to look like your favorite Korean stars. I bought three KJM Cheek and Lip tints and here are my thoughts about their shades:


KJM Pink Puff Tint

KMJ Cheek and Lip Tint

I love that it blends perfectly with the natural color of my lips. It looks subtle and natural. It also gives a nice shade for your cheeks especially if you have a fair complexion.


KJM Bewitched

KMJ Cheek and Lip Tint


The color is great. Last year, I purchased MAC Instigator because the shade reminds me of Drew Barrymore or Buffy The Vampire  Slayer or 90s girls who are always the movie antagonists because they wear darker lipstick shades. Although my MAC Instigator’s really good, I realized it’s not for me, it’s too matte and attention-grabbing. Thanks to KJM Bewitched, I can wear a darker shade without worrying much about my having my lips look too defined.


KMJ Bloodshot

KMJ Cheek and Lip Tint


A lot of girls will surely love this bloody red shade. I’m not really a fan of blood red lips so this is my least favorite among my lip tints. My friend who loves red lipsticks likes wearing this shade. Not everybody can pull off wearing a very red lipstick and that includes me. I prefer the Bittersweet Magenta because the color is somehow similar to Benetint’s rose-tinted cheek and lip stain.


It quickly dries up

After application, it dries up easily making the color appear subtle yet natural. I love that it dries up quickly because it stays on and naturally blends with the lips. It’s a bit watery yet pigmented.

Stays long

Though Benefit Benetint lasts longer, as compared to other cheaper cheek and lip tints, KJM lip stains stay longer, especially on your cheeks. For the lips, the stain doesn’t last long as compared to your cheeks. You still need to reapply after eating or drinking.



It’s not easy to find cheap cosmetic products nowadays. And while I’ve been using Benetint for almost three years now, I still look for cheaper alternatives that’s why if you check my pouch, I have cheek and lip tints from Etude, Body Shop, and Tony Moly. But KJM Cheek and Lip Stains are way cheaper than any of such cosmetic brands. The lip tint is available for only 110php so what’s not to love about this product?



Everybody wants organic products. It’s one way to feel less guilty about eating junk foods and not exercising a lot. As much as possible, I try to buy organic and natural products. For my dark under eyes, I apply organic sunflower oil from Human Nature ( you can check my Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil review). I use Human Nature’s Tomato Facial Scrub for my face and Human Nature’s 100% natural mosquito repellent spray whenever I do outdoor activities. It’s a relief that KJM Lip and Cheek Tints are natural and organic.

No smell

It has no smell. I was told by a friend who bought a fake KMJ lip tint that the fake ones had a very strong smell.

Roll-on type

I love the packaging and the container because it’s not prone to spilling. It’s a roll-on type of lip and cheek stain that you can slip inside your pouch or pockets without spilling a single drop.


KMJ Cheek Stains




What I don’t like about the product Χ


Stays longer on the cheeks rather than lips

I love lip tints and the fact that KJM Stain lasts longer on the cheeks rather than lips is frustrating.




KMJ Cheek and Lip Tint is the cheapest, safest and one of the best products I bought so far. I’d definitely recommend it to my friends and to those cheek and lip tints addicts out there.


 KMJ Lip Stain

Using KMJ Bewitched Lip Stain


All Natural and Organic KJM Cheek and Lip Tint Review | Korean Lip Stain Addiction


For Davao-based buyers, you can visit their store at:

Sonia’s Gift Shop, Aldevinco Shopping Center, CM Recto Street, Davao City, 8000

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Confessions Of A First Time EvaCup Menstrual Cup User

Confessions Of A First Time EvaCup Menstrual Cup User

Reusable menstrual cups


Raised in a religious society, the thought of inserting a reusable menstrual cup inside my vulva was way too creepy with Hellraiser movie scenes playing inside my head – the Female cenobite speaking in a harsh voice and Pinhead torturing a willing victim, his flesh torn into pieces ( insert interesting sound effects). Looking at the cup’s rim feels as though Pinhead’s ripping my vaginal flesh with a period cup. I tend to exaggerate things. You don’t want to get inside my ugly head. I’m sorry.


Hellraiser Pinhead


For girls coming from third world countries, the idea of using a menstrual cup might sound weird and too advanced. But sanitary pads are your silent killers. Sanitary pads materials contain chemicals that you don’t want to be near your vagina. And nobody can ever convince me to wear tampons. Like sanitary napkins, tampons have medical side effects. Wearing a feminine cup is my last resort.


If you check some menstrual cup reviews online, they always have the best things to say about DivaCup. One of the reasons why I didn’t choose DivaCup is because it’s too pricey so I chose EvaCup instead.


Personal Review of Anigan’s  EvaCup Feminine Cup


Company Profile

Anigan’s EvaCup is based in California, USA. The company focuses on producing safe feminine hygiene products for women, especially menstrual products such as period cups, first period kits, menstrual accessories such as warmers to ease menstrual cramps, and stain-free period panties.


EvaCup Menstrual Cup


What I like About The Cup ♥


Cute Packaging


EvaCup Menstrual Cup

Period Cup

Feminine Cup


I love the packaging, it’s too hip and cute. I’ve seen the packaging of DivaCup but EvaCup has better packaging, making first timers like me feel less nervous about shoving a cup inside. It gives the impression that getting your period is okay because you have the choice to use colorful cups to make you feel better.


Also, you can easily bring your cup with you because it includes a colorful pouch that doesn’t say you’re carrying a feminine cup with you.


Simple Color and Design

 Feminine Cup Review


EvaCup’s design is okay, nothing really unique about it except that it looks manageable. It’s easy to clean because it doesn’t have ridges like other cups. It looks simple and easy to use, nothing complicated with the design, which is good news for first-time users.


I chose a pink period cup because it makes me feel warm and girly. Anigan EvaCup has many cute cup colors available, which is fun because you’re more occupied about choosing your favorite colors rather than thinking negatively about your period and how it’s going to change your way of life in a very short period of time.




A first time cup user surely has doubts when it comes to menstrual leaks. I was skeptical the first time I inserted it. It was the second day of my period and it wasn’t heavy flow unlike the first day. There was no leakage and I was comfortable not wearing any pads at all. I don’t usually have heavy bleeding during my menstrual cycle. I don’t know with other girls who really have heavy period flow. Based on some personal reviews, one of the reasons why users love EvaCup is it doesn’t leak. Be reminded that the capability of a cup to hold fluid depends on the heaviness of your menstrual flow.


Safe and Comfortable

EvaCup Review

Menstrual cups


It would be a big lie to say that I felt comfortable with the cup the first time I used it. Perhaps the biggest reason why it felt alright was the fact that it’s made from silicone. The cup is flexible yet firm inside, enough to convince you that your menstrual blood won’t gush out from the cup. I didn’t feel any ridges or sharp objects inside me, contrary to what my mind was telling me the first time I laid my eyes on the cup’s stem.


Reusable and Affordable

As compared to DivaCup, one of the popular feminine cup brands online, EvaCup is cheaper. The price depends on who’s selling it but it’s being sold for $18.99 to $24.99. I bought my EvaCup Single Pack for only $24.99.  Imagine the amount of money you need to spend every month for your sanitary pads or reusable tampons. You’re lucky if your country doesn’t impose taxes on feminine hygiene products. If you read some menstrual cup reviews submitted by real users, you will find out that while DivaCup is indeed a household name in the world of menstruation cups, there are still users who prefer EvaCup simply because it’s affordable and the quality is competitive with the other expensive cup brands.


Easy To Clean and Sterilize

Anigan website ideally suggests using a microwave to sterilize the silicone menstrual cup. However, if you’re traveling, you can sterilize it by pouring hot water in the cup. Like I said, its simple design makes it easier for me to clean my cup, no ridges to worry about.


Step by Step Instructions

Menstrual Cup

EvaCup Menstrual Cup


Although there are detailed video instructions online, it’s still a relief to know that EvaCup’s packaging contains detailed instructions that are very helpful for first-time users like me. The box has a tiny booklet that shows step by step instructions on how to properly insert the cup.


What I Don’t Like About The Cup   Χ




Apart from the design, the sizing of the cup is also considered one of the important factors to determine what menstrual cup brand you should buy. Menstrual cup brands have different sizes.

I’ve read in some reviews that Asian consumers usually have problems with the cup sizes. In my case, I chose the Size 1 Small EvaCup thinking it would fit me because Asians are petite and smaller than other races. When the menstrual cup was delivered to me, I was already worried about the size. When I saw the cup, I was a bit disappointed. Although the cup was cute and flexible, I was still upset about the sizing. In the website, it was stated there that EvaCup Size One is for women who haven’t given birth yet (vaginally) and who are considered young adults with petite body types. I’m not petite, I have a semi medium body size and I’ve given birth through C-section but the cup was large and long for me. I’ve read testimonies and comments from cup users with the same brand and only a few of them complained about the size. Perhaps the majority of the users are Americans or Caucasians.


Read the cup size details carefully. If you’re Asian, check testimonies from Asian users and get suggestions from them.



Thick Base

 Period Cup Review

I love that the body of the cup is soft and flexible. However, though the rim is soft, it feels thick inside. I find the rim’s thickness uncomfortable even after a number of insertion trials. The rim is firm inside yet I feel like it’s too wide and too thick for me.


Short Stem

Although a lot of girls prefer short-stemmed cups, I prefer longer ones. Maybe because it makes me feel at ease that my vagina won’t swallow up the cup and if it does, I can easily pull it out. Of course, I’m exaggerating scenarios. I’m a bit uncomfortable with EvaCup’s short stem but like I said, it depends on your vagina’s length or depth.


Inconvenient and Time-Consuming

The idea of emptying the feminine cup after every three or four hours can be exhausting. Bathroom trips can be much of hassle especially if you’re busy working in the office. Also, you’re lucky if your bathroom has hot water so it’s easy to sterilize the cup even when you’re at work.  You can actually buy a menstrual cup with a collapsible sterilizing cup if you’re going to buy Anigan’s Period Kit. I’m planning to buy a cup one of these days. My problem is that I need to have it shipped here in the Philippines, which means I have to spend money again for the shipping fee.



I love my EvaCup. The cup’s simple design helps me stay calm and feel at ease. It doesn’t look intimidating, its color and simplicity are comforting. I’m not a tampon user and I haven’t used tampons before. It’s quite a challenge for menstrual cup companies to market their products in a country where tampons are never heard of and sanitary pads can be bought even in small grocery stores in suburban areas.

Although the legitimacy of the cup’s safety claims needs a lot of time for users to confirm, it still makes me feel better that I’ve switched from sanitary pads to menstrual cups. According to the company’s website, Anigan’s EvaCup is made from high-grade medical silicone and the materials are FDA approved so you don’t need to worry about getting cancer or any serious medical conditions through wearing tampons or sanitary pads. One of the major reasons why women consider wearing menstrual cups is basically because of our increasing concerns about the safety of pads and tampons.

I would surely recommend EvaCup to my girlfriends. Although I’ve never tried using other cups, I think EvaCup is the best choice because it’s much more affordable than other cups with the same quality standards. Also, I’ve never experienced any allergies since I started using EvaCup. Time to say goodbye to allergies from using sanitary pads.

After checking some online user comments and reviews, I realize that size is an important factor in rating a menstrual cup. It would be great if the company will produce smaller cups for Asian cup users like me.

I’ve read about vaginal infections experienced by most girls wearing EvaCup period cups. Fortunately, I’ve never experienced any infections and I’m still in a healthy relationship with my cup. I hope the company takes much time to check such complaints and reevaluate the cups. There are other possible reasons why they experienced infection, for instance, if the cup wasn’t properly sterilized after using it or if they have extra sensitive vaginal area.


Where to buy menstrual cup

You can buy menstruation cups online. Check the rating and reviews by real users. There are other menstrual cup brands to choose from, for instance, Lunette Cups and Super Jennie feminine cups.

  Menstrual cup reviews

I’m sorry for reminding you about some graphic scenes in Hellraiser movies. I love the Female cenobite and it would be interesting if they can show menstrual blood stains on her leather robe. Menstruation is beautiful. Womanhood is beautiful.

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April Skin Magic Snow Korean Cushion Foundation Review

April Skin Magic Snow Korean Cushion Foundation Review

Korean cushion foundation products like AprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion are all the rage. The popularity of Korean soap operas gave way to the rise of Korean beauty products in the market. Admit it, we are all drawn to dewy Korean skin. Every girl in my generation dreams to find the best tip on how to achieve that youthful and glowing Korean skin. The first tip is to get rid of your acne scars. After my laser tattoo removal, I realized there are so many things you can do with the PicoSure laser technology – you can instantly get rid of your pimple marks in less than 20 minutes.

I don’t know with you but I wasn’t very much into Korean beauty products like BB creams, moisturizers, and lip tints that make you look Korean until I finally got my own April Skin Magic Snow Cushion just to end my curiosity and check what the hype was all about.

And it really isn’t just all hype.  It is a Korean cushion foundation that is a perfect combination of BB and CC cream but with a much more impressive formula.  So yes, it’s not your ordinary traditional foundation, in my opinion. I decided to buy a cushion foundation for the first time and write my AprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion review.


April Skin Magic Snow Cushion


The April Skin Magic Snow Cushion (SPF50+,PA+++) case is semi-matte and the whole package somehow gives an impression that they aren’t playing around. The packaging is beautiful, though it’s not the usual cute Korean cosmetic packaging you would expect.  This is April Skin shade #21.


April Skin Magic Snow Cushion April Skin Magic Snow Cushion April Skin Magic Snow Cushion

Now you see the powder puff and the mirror. By the way, peel off the cover and you’ll like the awesomeness of this mirror.


AprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion Foundation AprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion Foundation

The sponge is soaked with the formula. It doesn’t spill and doesn’t get messy unless if you take out the sponge.

What I Like About The Product


Gives a fresh and dewy feel

It has a cooling effect and builds upon your skin. It also gives a smooth natural finish and moisture. It easily absorbs and has a flawless effect and can really brighten your face. A lot of bloggers say it’s semi-matte. It does look semi-matte in the first few minutes of application but I think after a few more minutes it becomes dewy and gives your face a much more moisturized soft look. 

If you’re aiming for a natural dewy look without spending much, check this article: Filipino Organic Beauty Brands That Actually Work


AprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion Foundation ReviewAprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion Foundation Review

Doesn’t cake

This is really my problem with liquid and powder foundation. They’re too cakey and heavy.  I like AprilSkin because the cushion is too light and thin on the skin.


High SPF 

It actually has SPF50 to protect you from redness, sunburn and premature aging. Honestly, using products with high SPF makes me feel good about myself. Girls go crazy over cosmetic products with high SPF.


Stays long

I applied it to my face at 3pm and to test if it’s really long lasting, I let it stay overnight without washing my face. I woke up and was surprised how it still covered my pores (not fully though) even without reapplying.


It conceals dark spots, pores, and pimples

I have dark under eyes and somehow April Skin works as a concealer too. I don’t need to use loads of concealer to hide the dark circles around my eyes.

AprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion Foundation


Not messy and has good packaging

The cushion is not messy at all. You can drop the whole thing without feeling too guilty about breaking it. Actually a few months ago, I broke my compact powder, got frustrated and opted to choose my Naturactor and bought a liquid foundation instead.  I have dark under eyes and somehow April Skin works as a concealer too. I don’t need to use loads of concealer to hide the dark circles around my eyes.


Chifure Powder Foundation


Unlike other foundation, April Skin prevents aging skin

We all love anti-aging products that is why more women keep searching where to buy anti-aging products and supplements. Not all face powders and foundation products contain anti-aging agents for your skin. However, the foundation is not recommended if your lifestyle includes staying longer under the sun. Overexposure to sunlight should be avoided. It’s better to consult your doctor on how to determine future aging treatments.

April Skin Magic Snow Foundation


What I Don’t Like About The Product


The package seems too big for its content

When I got the product, I was a bit disappointed when I found out that it was too light. I checked inside and felt cheated because if you squeeze the soaked sponge, you’ll notice that there’s only a small amount of liquid foundation. The content is too small for its price. Lesson: Don’t expect too much.


The cushion is not refillable

Most face powders are refillable. This cushion isn’t. I think one of the things buyers should consider when buying powders is if it can be refilled.


Sometimes it looks too light on your skin

It’s hard to buy foundation and face powders without knowing the right shade for you. Some products have different shades that complement different types of skin. Maybe the shade is too light for my skin type or what. But it’s okay I think it depends on the application. You can also check online to choose different April Skin Cushion Foundation shades based on where you are living ( in my case, this one is ideal for those who are living in tropical countries). 


April Skin Magic Snow Foundation


The powder puff isn’t soft

After weeks of constant use, the powder puff looks dirty and not really soft when you pat it on your face. Or maybe I’m just really used to using my own fingers or brush whenever I use face powders or liquid foundation. Every now and then I sanitize my powder puff and use antibacterial liquid soap.


Final Thoughts

To be fair, the product is really nice. I like the fact that it moisturizes my face and it’s perfect for me because I have oily skin. I chose the April Skin Magic Snow Cushion Black because according to their website, it’s the best choice if you live in a tropical country like the Philippines. Although this product is already expensive, I think it’s an alternative to a more expensive product like Laneige.


Will I repurchase?

For sure! Buying Korean cosmetics online is just one of the things that make me feel better about aging.



Amazon – $16.99

FaceBook and Instagram Sellers – 900php to 1500php


April Skin Magic Snow Korean Cushion Foundation Review
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PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal Experience and Results

PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal Experience and Results


My first PicoSure laser tattoo removal experience was the biggest struggle in my life. My second was tolerable, thanks to the genius who discovered anesthesia. The tattoo removal cost is high yet worth it. Here are my before and after photos, they are unfiltered to clearly view my laser tattoo removal results.


Hand Tattoo


PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal

First Week

Redness of the treated area is common. Pain level is 7/10


2nd Session 7

Second Week

Slowly healing; first time to experience itchiness 


2nd Session 15

After a month

(Please ignore the white spots because I had it tattooed using white ink.)


Tattoo Comparison 2

First Session VS Second Session

 The second session is obviously a big improvement – the green ink is almost invisible. And yes, no scars. 


Overall Comparison of Laser Tattoo Removal Results



PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal



Foot Tattoo


2nd Session 2

First Week

Blisters are expected, as what I mentioned in my previous blog post


2nd Session 12

Second Week

I probably had an infection because I stayed in a hot and humid place for a week so the treated area became really dry. It was too itchy so I was tempted to continuously scratch it until it became red. I was supposed to use the aftercare cream for two weeks more or until the areas are completely healed but I only applied the cream for a week. 


Cream 1

Aftercare cream

Tip: Never look for cheaper alternatives, always use the cream given by your doctor 


2nd Session 11

After a month

The result in my first session was better than the second one perhaps because of the infection.


Overall Comparison of Laser Tattoo Removal Results


Session Comparison 2



Finger Tattoo


2nd Session 5

First Week

Healed the fastest; the blisters only lasted for a day


2nd Session 6

After a month

Another session might completely make the blue ink visible. As what I’ve noticed blue and green inks are easy to treat.



Overall Comparison of Laser Tattoo Removal Results


PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal Before and After Photos


Basic Things To Know About PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal


Cream vs Injection


To start with, if you’re planning to get your tattoo removed, always choose the anesthesia via injection. It works like magic. My comment on using numb creams: It’s like having that part of your tattoo session when the artist starts deeply shading your tattoo. But it’s more painful and less tolerable.



The Color of Your Tattoo Ink Matters

Yes, if your tattoo was done by a professional. The most difficult colors to treat are red and yellow.  Based on my experience, the green and black ones are the best colors for PicoSure treatment.

As you can see below the picture, the red lips of the woman are still visible. Even her orange hair and yellow colored eyes. Please ignore the white spots because I had it tattooed using white ink. What a desperate move to remove tattoos laserless.


2nd Session 18


Not 100% Pain-Free


Another brilliant idea that my doctor shared with me is that you can request for an anesthesia via injection without being scared of needles by applying numb cream first before the injection.

Shaving is Everything


One of my regrets during my first PicoBlast session was I didn’t shave. I had anesthesia alright but it was a bit painful each time the light hits the hair on my skin. So if you’re going to have the laser tattoo removal on some hairy parts of your body then start shaving.



Treasure Your First 15-20 Minutes Feeling Invincible


Your first fifteen to twenty minutes during your laser tattoo removal session could be one of the best times of your life. After those triumphant moments, suffer the stinging pain that will last for a day or two.



Q and A About Picosure Laser Tattoo Removal


Here are some of the questions (I’m not really good at Q & As but will try to give relevant answers) some curious readers asked me about PicoSure:

Why should I choose PicoSure over RevLite? 

I’ve never tried RevLite treatment and never seen its before and after photos. However, based on my doctor’s experience he admitted that one PicoSure session is equivalent to almost ten to fifteen sessions of RevLite. RevLite costs almost 8500php per session. If you’re smart enough, you can figure it out.

“PicoSure both heats and fractures the ink so that’s why it’s more efficient.”

How painful is PicoSure?

If you’re using the PicoSure machine only to treat acne scars then it’s not painful. Tattoo removal procedures are painful. But you can have anesthesia via injection so it’s pain-free. You can only feel the stinging pain after the anesthesia wears off.

What will my skin look like right after the treatment? Should I expect scars?

Expect your skin to be a bit swollen. Also, expect blisters. I didn’t experience any scars in my first session so I think you’ll be alright.

How long does it take for my skin to completely heal?

It depends on how you care for your treated skin. Mine started healing after two to three weeks. Don’t forget to use the cream prescribed by your doctor.

Does the age of my tattoo matters?

I think it does. The older the tattoo, the better. It’s not just the age but also the quality of the ink, how deep the ink is placed and if it’s done professionally.

I didn’t include some other questions because they’re too scientific and I’m afraid I don’t have the knowledge to answer them. My advice is to go to the doctor who can perform your PicoSure treatment so he or she can do the assessment himself/ herself.

If you’re too worried about the pain, you should start worrying about the needle injection and not the whole session itself. You have anesthesia so why worry?

If you’re interested and want to know more about PicoSure and tattoo removal cost, you better check some clinics that offer tattoo removal near you or if you’re living in Davao City you may contact:

Dr. Neil Oropeza
General Practitioner
Address: 64, Rizal Extension, Dermhaus Clinic, Davao City, 8000 Davao del Sur



I already had my third tattoo removal session. You can check the laser removal results here.

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