Why Eyelash Extensions Might Be Dangerous For You

Why Eyelash Extensions Might Be Dangerous For You

Getting my eyelash extensions for the first time was like a trip to India’s holy Ganges River – it sounds dirty and disgusting. Even the eyelash extensions cost wasn’t worth it.

I spent hours searching for salons that offer eyelash extensions near me. You can’t blame me, it’s an orgasmic idea to have long and thick black lashes for 24 hours.  I felt the same way when I had my eyelash extensions for the first time. I was in love with my fake lashes, oh well only during our first few days together. After those first few days, the nightmare started.

Eyelash extensions at home

Me, feeling divine hours after getting my lash extensions (before the dirt and bacteria)

Of course, no beauty salon would tell you about the dangers of getting eyelash extensions or even share some eyelash extensions horror stories. The beauty industry is sometimes creepy. It tends to glorify suffering for you to be beautiful. It’s not as different as foot binding except that it might sound more glamorous than having bound feet.

Eyelashes extensions of Betty Boop

Here’s why eyelash extensions are not safe for you: 

You might permanently end up having bald eyes

The staff at the beauty salon might tell you it’s normal to lose your original lashes after getting eyelash extensions. I was told the same. I thought it was okay. But the idea of permanently losing my lashes is too dreadful to be normal.

Remember that your eyelash technician is using adhesive designed to keep the lash extensions attached together for a longer time. The glue pulls out your lashes and because you might end up rubbing your eyes while asleep, you might pull them out yourself. There is a certain condition called eyelashes traction alopecia. It occurs when there’s too much tension on the natural lashes. In short, if your lashes are overweighted, your hair follicle is at risk of being damaged which can stop the production of hair.   

Funny eyelash extensions Gif

You might have an allergic reaction to lash adhesives

The idea of using a strong adhesive for the eyelash extensions to stay in one place for weeks is somewhat terrifying. I’ve tried other lash glues for my false lashes and they’re alright. Maybe it’s the quality of the glue you are using. Or maybe it’s the fact that they don’t have to keep them together for weeks or so. The semi-permanent glues eyelash technicians use depend on the client’s sensitivity. Some lash adhesives can trigger a severe allergic reaction. Some of them contain formaldehyde that can cause a burning sensation in the eyes. 

When I had my lash extensions, my eyes were always burning. My eyes water whenever I yawn so each time my eyes tear up, my eyes hurt so bad. It felt like an insect was trapped inside, causing my eyes to burn. I suspected the irritation was caused by the glue that was used during the whole process. In fact, I did my research and found out that one should avoid moisture while on lash extensions. So if you tend to have watery eyes when you yawn, eyelash extensions are not for you.

Tip For Allergic Eye Lashes:

Look for a reputable beauty salon or a licensed aesthetician who uses only formaldehyde free lash adhesives.  If you have your own eyelash extensions kit and you choose to do eyelash extensions at home, check some beauty blogs to look for the safest lash glue for your lashes. 

The Dangers of Eyelash Extensions

You might suffer from a serious eye infection

How long does your eyelash extensions last? It will last for a month or a year with regular touch-ups. During such times, it’s recommended not to rub your eyes too often or you might damage your expensive extensions. It’s even a struggle to wash your face. You have to be careful not to wet your eyes with water so yes, just ignore the dirt. And because you don’t want to lose your extensions, you won’t dare scrub your eyelids or lashes. You’re even hesitant to use a makeup remover to wipe away the makeup residue at the base of your lashes. 

Thus, for weeks or months, your extensions will accumulate dirt and bacteria which will lead to eye infections such as bacterial conjunctivitis or pink eye. 

Tip if you have an allergic eyelid

Take time to clean your eyelids and lashes. There are safe lash solutions that you can use to clear up bacteria trapped in your lashes. 

pink eye giphy

You might go blind

There was a story about a woman who temporarily lost her vision because a local salon used nail glue instead of lash glue. Studies say that when you’re constantly in contact with the chemical, you are at risk of being blind. The fibers from lash extensions can also cause corneal scarring when they unintentionally scratch the corneal surface. As a result, you might experience blurry vision, eye redness, irritation and worst, blindness. 

Why Eyelash Extensions Might Be Dangerous For You

A higher eyelash extensions cost doesn’t totally guarantee your safety. No eyelash extensions care can give you 100% safety, there will always be risks. You can  If you are really determined to have naturally thick lashes, then you might want to research about grapeseed oil for lashes and sunflower oil benefits. Sunflower is healthy not only for the skin but for the lashes, too!

While most optometrists suggest not risking your eye health in exchange for temporary beauty, here are some helpful tips to make sure your eyes are protected while on lash extensions:


  1. Be sure to go to a reputable salon and your aesthetician is licensed and certified. You can check your aesthetician’s certification documents that can be verified by beauty schools that offer eyelash extensions classes 
  2. Ask the brand of the lash glue and check the ingredient list. You can also make an allergy test to be sure you won’t have any allergic reaction
  3. Before the procedure, check your aesthetician if he or she has clean hands and is wearing gloves 
  4. Use a safe antibacterial solution for your eyelids and lashes when removing your makeup. Regularly clean them and remove any dirt or residue to avoid any bacterial growth
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5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Got My Tattoos Removed

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Got My Tattoos Removed

Angelina Jolie Worst Tattoo

Good news, you’re not alone. Celebrities also had tattoos that spell REGRETS. Angelina Jolie (though she appears as a woman who thinks she knows what she really wants) had a bad tattoo. Angelina Jolie had her Billy Bob tattoo permanently erased.  Johnny Depp had her Winona tattoo removed. Both Aunt Angie and Uncle Johnny have tattoo regrets that they couldn’t get away from because their old tattoos are posted everywhere on the internet. But at least they didn’t have financial regrets when it comes to their laser tattoo removal cost. 

Jeffree Star Tattoo Diaries

Jeffree Star’s Tattoo Diaries uploaded on his YouTube channel may make you grieve for your own tattoos. I watched the full series and didn’t grieve at all for the lost art on my skin though there were things I wish I knew before I had my tattoos removed through PicoSure. Here are some of them: 


I wish I was emotionally and financially ready to spend time and money before deciding to remove my tattoos. Some people think getting a tattoo removal is a walk in the park – you simply go to a clinic, spend an hour there and your tattoos are done. You must be emotionally prepared to go through the blisters, redness, and pain after the procedure. You must also be financially ready to spend more for another session or two. 

Weeks before I had my PicoSure session, I watched some tattoo removal videos and was amazed by the before and after results. I also watched live tattoo removal videos and saw how some tattoos respond well to laser treatment. I thought maybe mine would take only one session but I was wrong. Even a session isn’t enough for my blue colored tattoo. I did four sessions with my other tattoos and some colors are still visible though some are already gone. 


Pico Tattoo Removal



It took weeks for my treated ankle tattoo to be healed. Also, I’ve noticed that the tattoo on my back was the fastest one to heal and fade though there are some specific reasons why tattoos fade. One reason is if your tattoo is always exposed to the UV rays. The UV rays will most certainly cause fading and skin aging. Some experts believe that if you don’t want your tattoos to fade, you should choose areas where they are least exposed to the sun or where there’s less friction. Here’s another suggestion: choose to be tattooed far from the heart

Tattoos that are near your heart are the ones easier to treat. Maybe that’s the reason why my ankle tattoo is too stubborn. I’m on my fourth session and I can say it doesn’t respond well to the treatment. Areas with poor circulation don’t usually get good tattoo removal results, as what most dermatology experts stated. They don’t heal fast. 



The color of your tattoo matters so much if you are planning to undergo a tattoo removal procedure.  Based on my experience, the colors that are difficult to treat through PicoSure are: red, yellow and blue while the ones that respond well to the treatment are green and black. Since the success of your tattoo removal depends on your tattoo, do not limit to only one laser treatment. I did PicoSure and RevLite and it’s easy for me to identify which one is the most effective. PicoSure failed to treat the red and yellow ones. As a result, I tried RevLite since it’s known to be effective in removing the difficult colors I mentioned. 

In the photo below, you may notice that it took me three sessions for the red ink to fade away. 


PicoSure Laser Treatment Before and After Result 


You’re in luck if your tattoo was done by an amateur. Tattoos done by amateurs are the ones that offer promising tattoo removal results. When I had my first consultation with Dr. Neil Oropeza, he asked me about the age of my tattoos and if they were done professionally. He also asked me about the quality of the ink. He was worried that my tattoo artists used vegan ink because he said the PicoSure treatment is not the best choice for that type of ink. It’s helpful to reach out to your tattooist before going to any clinic to help you answer such questions. 

Amateur tattoos are uneven and did not penetrate deeply into the skin, making the whole tattoo removal procedure challenging yet easier to treat. Professional tattoo artists are more skilled in penetrating the ink deep into your skin, thus the tattoos are more difficult to remove or fade naturally. 

Ugly tattoos



Before going through a laser tattoo removal, be wise enough to research and educate yourself on other types of laser treatment. As I’ve said before, I tried RevLite only when I found out that some colors are hard to treat by PicoSure. I had a colorful tattoo on my hand so I decided to try multiple laser treatments. I’ve had two RevLite sessions after my PicoSure treatments to determine which colors respond better to specific colors. My laser tattoo removal before and after photos would show you how my tattoos respond to the treatment. 

The PicoSure tattoo removal cost is higher than other laser treatments. However, it’s considered one of the top choices by most patients who are eager to remove their tattoos fast. If you do further research, you might be surprised to know that there are actually some groups online that discuss removing their tattoos naturally, that means no laser treatments involved. 

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Local Organic Beauty Products That Actually Work

Local Organic Beauty Products That Actually Work

Ready to jump on the organic beauty bandwagon? Then you might want to check some Filipino made organic beauty products that actually work.   

Faith Hope and Love Organics

Company Profile

Faith, Hope, and Hope is a Filipino organic skin care company that specializes in the production of vegan skin food. It traces its roots from the province of Nueva Vizcaya. It aspires to develop skin products that use locally produced raw materials. The company is dedicated to the owner’s late father that paved the way to the name: Faith, Hope, and Love. 

Cucumber Hydrating Face Mist

Cucumber Facial Spray

Ingredients: aloe vera leaf juice, cucumber hydrosol, sea buckthorn oil, jojoba oil, witch hazel, rosemary, neem oil, allantoin, arbutin, and vitamins A, C, and E.


I’m not an expert organic beauty blogger but one thing I learned from my organic beauty journey is that cucumbers aren’t just for the eye bags. Your face will love them too. I bought my Faith, Hope, and Love Cucumber Hydrating Face Mist three years ago. I remember I couldn’t stop talking about it to my friends for weeks. I bought the face mist because I felt refreshed by the idea of spraying cucumber juice all over my face as though cleansing my soul.

Achieving your glass skin look

The cucumber face mist is highly recommended to my girls out there who are looking for tips to get a natural glass skin look. If you’re on a budget, you don’t need to go crazy looking for Korean skincare beauty routines or buy K-Beauty products from beauty shops to achieve that “glass skin” face. It gives your face a natural dewy finish without the stickiness. I remember I would go out to buy groceries or go shopping feeling confident that I don’t look like trash with this face mist on my face. According to their website, it is a kind of face mist that minimizes pores, fine lines and helps skin recover from active breakouts. I cannot attest to this claim since luckily I didn’t have acne or breakouts when I started using this product. 

Face mists as setting spray

The product can also be used as a setting spray before or after you put on your makeup. I tried this one as a setting spray but I prefer using it as a face mist alone for that fresh and hydrated look. Without any doubt, it is indeed a holy grail of freshness. For me, the FHL Cucumber Mist is better than Human Nature’s Hydrating Face Mist

The FHL Cucumber Hydrating Mist is available in two sizes: 50ml at 60php and 100ml at 300php. 

  • moisturized and refreshed face
  • affordable face mist
  • 100% organic
  • smells good; the scent is not overpowering
  • alcohol-free
  • not for you if you love a matte look
  • if you are allergic to cucumber, aloe vera or other ingredients mentioned above though the products contain no harmful chemicals

Overall Rating

          Local Organic Beauty Products That Actually Work


 Human Nature Products

Company Profile

Human Nature is a member of the Natural Products Association (NPA), the authority on the natural products industry in the United States upholding the strictest criteria of natural claims worldwide. The company uses 100% natural ingredients and all products are cruelty-free. It claims to be Pro-Philippines because it hopes to produce a lot of products that can be grown in the Philippines. Human Nature aims to create a demand for natural products and provide programs that will help farmers since most ingredients in producing beauty products such as coconut, aloe, sugarcane, etc can be grown in the country.


Purifying Facial Scrub


Local Purifying Facial Scrub


Ingredientsaqua (water), stearic acid (vegetable-derived), decyl glucoside (coconut-derived), glyceryl stearate (vegetable-derived), sodium lactate (sugarcane-derived), sodium gluconate (sugarcane-derived), Bambusa arundinacea (bamboo) stem extract, Fragaria vesca (strawberry) seed, levulinic acid (rice/corn-derived), coco-glucoside (coconut-derived), glyceryl oleate (coconut-derived), xanthan gum, fragrance (all-natural), phytic acid (rice-derived), p-anisic acid (anise seed-derived), iron oxides




I know how to make my own facial scrub – I would just mix sugar and honey to scrub away my skin impurities. There are natural beauty products DIY online, thanks to Pinterest and other organic beauty blogs. I also tried making a lemon and egg white face mask to remove whiteheads but it was gross and messy. Making my own facial scrub was a lot of work so I bought Human Nature’s Purifying Facial Scrub

With a healthy diet and good skincare routine, no need to check articles online on how to look good even without makeup. It’s not just about looking good but actually having healthy skin. The facial scrub contains strawberry seeds that are beneficial to the skin. The seeds are naturally acidic. Such level of natural acidity helps tighten pores and remove dead skin cells without skin irritation and redness. 

Natural exfoliating ingredients

It is a locally made effective skincare product that features 100% natural ingredients. The scrub smells good and looks yummy because of the strawberry seeds. But as compared to SkinFood facial scrubs, for me, SkinFood smells better.  One of the things I love about this exfoliant product is that it leaves your face fresh and smooth. I haven’t experienced any breakouts since I started using the facial scrub.

Actually, I’m very cautious when it comes to buying facial scrubs because I had a bad skin reaction after using St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Good thing I didn’t have to go to the dermatologist to treat acne breakouts professionally. Then I happened to read articles related to the St. Ives Apricot Scrub Lawsuit. Two women filed a lawsuit against St. Ives claiming the product caused irritation and inflammation. 

Luckily, the Purifying Facial Scrub works for me. It’s recommended to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week. I like to scrub my face after a long day of wearing makeup for my skin to breathe and prevent breakouts. 

The Human Nature Purifying Scrub is available in one size only: 50g at 99.75php. 


Human Nature Purifying Facial Scrub Review

Check Icon

no overwhelming smell

Check Icon


Check Icon

the strawberry seeds and bamboo granules don’t feel harsh on the skin

lightens face after washing


X icon

may not work for everybody especially those who have sensitive skin


Overall Rating

Human Nature Rating


Lavender Mint Scented Cleansing Bar


Human Nature Soaps Review

Photo credit: Human Nature Website

Ingredients: sodium cocoate (saponified coconut oil), aqua (water), decyl glucoside (vegetable-derived), glycerin (vegetable-derived), Mentha piperita (peppermint) leaf essential oil, Mentha arvensis (corn mint) leaf essential oil, Lavandula angustifolia (lavander) stem essential oil, sodium lactate (sugarcane-derived)



My mom is a dedicated user of Human Nature Lavender Mint Cleansing Bar. She has a dust allergy which causes foot itchiness, similar to eczema. I let her try Tokyo Love Medicated Soap and she loved it. She only used the Japanese brand soap for a week and the itchiness of her foot was gone. Tokyo  Love Soap is quite expensive so I bought her Human Nature’s cleansing soaps. She achieved good results two to three weeks after using the product. It’s way cheaper than Tokyo Love Soap or other anti-eczema soaps with almost the same results. 

The cleansing bar makes your skin really smooth. It also smells good, the lavender and mint combination is relaxing to the senses though it’s much mintier. I’m not sure if it’s good for acne but I can say it’s an effective natural treatment to eczema or other forms of skin rashes or dryness.

Human Nature Lavender Mint Cleansing Bar is sold at 84.75php. 

Check Icon

refreshing scent (minty)


gentle on the skin

X icon

may not be suitable for all types of skin

Lavender Cleansing Bar


Zivine Organics Review

Company Profile

Zivine Organics is popular for its grapeseed and castor oil. The famous grapeseed oil distributor is a growing Davao based company that aims to help men grow hair and women to have longer lashes. This Filipino organic brand doesn’t only sell essential oils. It also provides other organic beauty products to its clients such as papaya sunblock creams, hair grower shampoo, facial and body scrubs, and more. 


Sugarcane Toner


Zivine Organics Sugarcane Toner Review

You’ve probably heard of Zivine Organics’ Grapeseed Oil from organic beauty blogs if you’re a Filipina who is into essential oils. I’ve read a lot of overwhelming reviews online about grapeseed oil. I’ve decided to buy a sunblock cream, toner, and face cream to be fair to other Zivine Organics products. 

Hydrating and alcohol-free

The Zivine Organics Sugarcane Toner is one of the best hydrating toners I’ve ever tried. It doesn’t make my skin dry like other cleansing products in the market. It’s an alcohol-free toner so my skin feels safe. There are many reasons why alcohol toners are bad for you. Traditionally, we need alcohol for other ingredients to penetrate our skin or make skin creams lighter. I guess it depends on a person’s preference although I can say using beauty products with natural ingredients is the best way to make you feel less guilty about your skin.

I like Jeffree Star’s skincare routine but all the alcohol-free products he uses cost more than my life so I stick with local organic brands. It’s a habit for most cosmetic companies to use alcohol products but let’s not forget the Koreans. We all have to agree that Koreans make good products that are actually alcohol-free. 

Also, how often can you find a toner or cleanser that’s made from sugarcane? Sugarcane keeps the skin hydrated so my face also feels moisturized right after using it. It doesn’t cause irritation on my slightly inflamed skin on the side of my nose. I have no breakouts so far or any bad reaction from using the product. However, I don’t speak for everybody because we all have different skin types and sensitivity. According to research, sugarcane makes your skin healthy and prevents aging. I hope I’ll reap the benefits and look immortal in the next ten years. It gives you glow but doesn’t make your skin oily. So yes, I’m in love with this toner for how many months now! 

According to its Facebook Page, the toner is specially formulated to whiten dark areas of the skin. I cannot support nor deny its claim because luckily my pimple marks aren’t that bad.  

The Zivine Organics Sugarcane Toner (100ml) is sold at 300php. 

Check Icon



Check Icon

no overwhelming smell


Check Icon



X icon

May cause irritation since we have different skin types

    Sugarcane Toner Rating


Tea Tree Cream

Zivine Organics Tea Tree Cream

I normally use Zivine Organics’ Grapeseed Oil after cleansing my face then apply tea cream. The tea tree face cream gives my face a smooth feel. Also, it helps to whiten the skin. I love how it easily dries after application and how it brightens my face. 

Natural acne treatment

The tea tree cream is ideal for acne treatment without spending much. Using tea tree creams and oils is the best way to treat acne and acne scars naturally. Tea tree has antimicrobial properties and helps reduce inflammation. It also prevents redness and irritation which is good for acne prone skin especially if you are currently suffering from acne breakouts. I don’t have an acne prone skin but the cream really works for me. It illuminates my skin and doesn’t make it oily. I can also use it even when I’m outdoors because it provides sun protection against UV rays, thus it’s also an anti-aging cream. 

Zivine Organics’ Tea Tree Cream (30g) is sold at 400php. 

Check IconAcne solution

Check IconOffers sun protection

Check IconNot sticky at all

Check IconGood whitening cream


X icon

Some people may not like the smell of tea tree

Local Organic Beauty Products That Actually Work


I get it, some organic beauty products aren’t really effective. Some of them aren’t even 100% natural. And because natural and organic beauty is a huge category in the beauty industry, every brand would want to join the organic bandwagon. They want to call themselves “organic” and “natural” even though they only use a small percentage of organic ingredients, which for me, is a type of false advertisement.

The fastest way to know if the product is good or not is to check trusted online reviews (or lawsuits) or try the product yourself. The smartest way is to check the first five ingredients on the product label. If you can’t identify them, be resourceful and use the internet to help you find ways on how to tell if the product is really “natural” or if it’s just greenwashing you.  

Bye, nasty chemicals!

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Beauty Review: The Truth About Esqido Mink False Eyelashes

Beauty Review: The Truth About Esqido Mink False Eyelashes

Esqido Mink Eyelashes

Let’s talk about lashes.

The history of fake eyelashes can be quite creepy. Did you know that in the 1890s some women had to use needles to put their lashes in place? So yes, if you’re into mink false eyelashes and you don’t completely agree that beauty is pain, you’re quite lucky you weren’t born in those times. It’s ironic how women had to deal with such kind of torture in the past while in today’s generation, it’s one of the biggest trends in the beauty community. 

Being physically beautiful is a process. Having your hair bleached could mean completely damaging it or putting on cosmetic products might cause skin irritation or allergies. Going to your eyelash salon and getting an eyelash perm regularly could be mean being happy with your lashes or losing them completely. As for me, I’m still having doubts about eyelash perming and eyelash extensions so I’ll choose false lashes for now.  

Here’s my review of Esqido Mink False Eyelashes, my before and after photo and the truth about beauty lashes:


They’re Real Fluffy


Esqido makes mink lashes so it’s not surprising that they’re extremely soft and fluffy. I chose Esqido Nimbus falsies, they’re almost full volume yet they don’t feel too heavy. Normally, I would choose the normal and natural looking lashes because I’ve tried some lashes in the past and I wasn’t really happy using them. They were too heavy and would constantly strip off. When I saw the Nimbus lashes, among other different options, I decided I should give it a go. I’ve been wearing them ever since. 

  Mink Lashes   Esqido Lashes

My Nimbus lashes are great to wear for special events. As you can see, even from afar they’re really noticeable and beautifully dramatic, completing my whole look. 


They’re Easy To Wear (Good for Beginners Too)


When I learned how to do makeup, I was discouraged to use falsies. Perhaps putting lashes on was the biggest challenge for me, next to having perfectly identical winged eyeliner. I learned through practice. My Esqido Nimbus lashes are easy to wear since they’re soft and flexible. With my lashes and a nude liquid lipstick or even just a little bit of Korean lip tint, I’m good to go.  

It’s also easy to remove them so your natural lashes are safe. They’re not too sticky at all.  


They Are Paired With Brush-On Lash Glue


A brush-on glue is what every girl needs. I’ve tried glue in tubes and using them was such a pain in the neck. It became troublesome when I already used half of the tube. I’m finally saying goodbye to glue spills. Thanks to the smart people who thought of brush-on applicators for making our lives easier.

I don’t know with other girls but I always run out of lash glue. It’s partly not my fault because most false lashes I bought before had small glue tubes. It’s actually one of my frustrations. It can be frustrating especially when you’re ready to put on your lashes and you suddenly realized that you run out of lash glue. 

FYI: The lash adhesive is sold separately.

They Come in Different Styles


I chose a pair of Nimbus lashes and I got the exact style that I really wanted. Thanks to Esqido’s lash guide, it’s easy to choose your style based on your eye shape and lifestyle. The lash guide is helpful for first-time false eyelashes users. When I tried the lash guide and was asked about my lifestyle, I also made a quick evaluation of my fashion style and the events I attend to in order to help me choose a pair. I was honestly overwhelmed by different lash styles and would love to get more pairs. 

  Esqido Mink Lashes

They’re Truly Reusable


Of course, most falsies can be reused but sometimes you just don’t feel like reusing them for hygienic purposes. I used my Esqido Nimbus lashes a couple of times and they still look alright. If you’re scared that you might find mites living in your lash extensions (a woman found mites in lash extensions), maybe a good pair of falsies that you can easily remove and sanitize is what you need, unless if you know basic eyelash extension care.


The Packaging Will Blow Your Mind


I appreciate good packaging. The whole packaging is an important factor to make me buy a certain product. Esqido’s packaging will truly blow your mind. It looks simple yet classic, something that you can put inside your makeup bag and you know it doesn’t mess up. 

  Esqido Eyelashes

They Ship Fast

I’m living in the Philippines and usually, when you order products from foreign countries, you have to wait for months to get your package. Luckily, I only waited for ten days I guess, not that bad. Also, the shipping fee is free for orders over $75. 

Esqido Lash Glue


The lash glue packaging is quite sophisticated. It’s also easy to use and remove. The fact that it’s a brush-on glue is good news because it means faster and easier application. Also, no spills. It’s easy to remove and dries fast. From my experience, I put on my Esqido Nimbus lashes for almost 12 hours and they were still in place so yes, the lash adhesive is a good one. 


Esqido Nimbus Lashes


Esqido Lashes Photos

What I Don’t Like About Esqido Lashes

They’re not playing when it’s mentioned on the description box that some lashes are medium to full volume. They can be heavy, but no too much. Like I said, I’ve tried other lashes that are too heavy you would feel really uncomfortable. Esqido lashes are tolerable. 



Months before I got my package, I’ve checked some studio lashes near me thinking it would save time putting on lashes when needed, but somehow I managed to get through the day with my falsies, giving me more options and styles to choose from. Maybe there are other good false eyelashes brands out there, but for now, I’ll stick to Esqido lashes.

So yes, women, also men, do some weird and painful things for beauty and it’s perfectly fine. 

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Lifestyle Changes For Good Skin

Lifestyle Changes For Good Skin


Beauty portrait of funny tied hands woman

Good skin doesn’t simply come from good topical applications. It comes from a lifestyle that makes the right choices and health decisions.

Lots of things affect our skin, the sun, the food we eat, our hormones, our mental state and the list goes on. We’ll look at the major lifestyle changes you need to make for healthy skin.

  1. Cut out cigarettes

Smoking causes wrinkles. It can speed up the aging process in the skin.  Nicotine is a potent vasoconstrictor, it contracts blood vessels leading to a decrease in blood supply and nutrients to the skin. These changes are likely to be seen after a decade of smoking.

  1. Sleep well

For every hour of sleep lost, the psychological stress in a person increases by 14%. And with a lack of sleep, the body starts to release a stress hormone, called glucocorticoid. This alters the skin cells and can exacerbate acne or precipitate it. For those who has skin problem, lack of sleep can worsen their condition but you can visit Facing Acne to check for remedies on your problem. Aim for at least seven hours of sleep and if you have difficulty sleeping, lower the temperature to 65F. Lower temperatures are proven to enable sleep.

  1. Eat a balanced diet.

Refined sugars and fats tend to increase the blood sugar levels rapidly which in turn boost the production of insulin. Insulin increases the sebum and oil production in our pores. So try and get more whole grains and cereals that gradually increase the sugar level in the blood. Eat fruits and vegetables, rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and enzymes that boost collagen production, make the skin more elastic and neutralize free radicals in the skin.

  1. Exercise regularly

A regular workout has many benefits, but the best of them all is that it increases blood flow to all parts of the body, including your skin. With increased blood flow to the skin, it carries away many harmful toxins and brings nutrients to the skin. Thus, flushing out debris and cleansing the system. Exercise has also proven to reduce stress levels which in turn will reduce the glucocorticoid production in the body.

  1. Stay out of the Sun

The sun is responsible for the production of Vitamin D in the skin but it’s important to remember that ultraviolet light can be harmful. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light damages the skin and causes it to age by a process called photoaging. Ultraviolet A light can also genetically modify cells making them cancerous. So stay out of the sun and if outside wear your sunscreen with SPF +30. Reapply every two hours if you’re outside continuously.

  1. Hydrate

There’s a lot of debate as to how much water is required per day. But it’s not just your skin but your body that needs to be hydrated. 70% of our body is made of water and water is required for many functions including flushing out toxins and filtering blood. It has been shown that as much as two cups of water boost blood flow throughout the body.

  1. Keep your hair out of your face.

While bangs and flicks might be cute, sometimes hair products can cause you to break out. The chemicals in pomade, gels, shampoos and hair sprays may be hair friendly but not skin friendly. These chemicals tend to block the pores causing a skin reaction and breakouts. You may want to rethink your hair products if your hair is always in your face, otherwise, try and keep your hair away from your face.

  1. Hygiene

Good hygiene is paramount for good skin. This involves changing your pillow weekly, cleaning your cell phone,

exfoliating and cleansing your own skin and removing makeup before bed. All these are extremely important in preventing infections, keeping your pores clean and open and staving off acne. Pillows, cell phones, and makeup can harbor dead skin cells and bacteria for a long time. These then become breeding grounds for infections.

A few lifestyle changes can go a long way when it comes to healthy glowing skin. In addition, to these, you can reduce alcohol, take supplements and use fewer chemicals to maintain youthful skin.

These simple changes can affect the way your skin looks and feels without needing too many products. Try them out for glowing skin and see if it makes a difference.

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How PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal Works

How PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal Works

My third PicoSure tattoo laser removal session was more of a reunion with the staff and Dr. Neil Oropeza. It was also a reunion with the familiar surgical lights, machines, Dr. Neil’s Star Wars Lego collection you can’t miss when you’re heading towards the beauty rooms and the familiar traumatic pain of the laser machine not to mention the injections.

Getting tattoos can be quite painful but I didn’t realize that removing them is thrice the pain. Well, actually saying that it’s thrice the pain is an understatement.

Picosure Tattoo Laser Removal Results

Picosure Tattoo Laser Removal Results by Oroderm

I’ve mentioned in my first session that choosing topical anesthetics over injections is a bad idea. Since I can be a chronic complainer when it comes to handling pain, Dr. Neil thought of using the topical anesthetic not for the laser treatment but for the injection instead.

Picosure Tattoo Laser Removal Results

My goofy face, pretending everything is going to be okay and that the pain will soon go away right after the laser treatment. 

Before My Third PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal

Picosure Tattoo Laser Removal Results

As you can see, the yellow ink is still visible after having two PicoSure sessions. The yellow ink is just too stubborn, even the red one. That’s why Dr. Neil thought of trying out RevLite for the yellow and red ones. 

Picosure Tattoo Laser Removal Results

I got this tattoo on my back five or six years ago. This was my last tattoo and the ink was pretty thick so I’m not surprised that it took two sessions (and maybe two more) for the ink to fade away.

Picosure Tattoo Laser Removal Results

The blue ink is still visible. Aside from yellow and red, blue can also be a difficult color to remove though not as difficult as the two colors mentioned

After PicoSure Removal Results

Picosure Tattoo Laser Removal Results

Picosure Tattoo Laser Removal Results

 Yellow ink is still visible, even the red ones.

Picosure Tattoo Laser Removal Results

Picosure Tattoo Laser Removal Results

PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal Before and After Photos

Picosure Tattoo Laser Removal Results


Picosure Tattoo Laser Removal Results

Picosure Tattoo Laser Removal Results

Why Choose PicoSure Over RevLite

RevLite is using heat energy to remove tattoos (like other traditional laser treatments) and we all know that heat can do some damage on the skin. PicoSure breaks down ink pigments making it easier for the tattoos to fade away. It only uses shockwave effect. Since the light pulses are only a trillionth of a second long, it causes less damage and zero skin scars during the laser treatment.

  • Using RevLite laser treatment means more sessions, thus, suffering more. You can achieve better results with the Picosure laser for only a few sessions.
  • RevLite may work wonders in any ink color (though it doesn’t work well with black ink). PicoSure works best with black, green and blue while it struggles to remove orange, yellow and red ink colors.

I’ve talked to some people who had their tattoos removed and shared our thoughts about tattoo laser removal. I learned about their opinions about RevLite Q-Switched Laser Treatment based on their personal experiences. Here are some things I’ve learned from them:

Most patients are not satisfied with RevLite Q-Switched Laser Treatment. ( Q-Switched laser treatment is allegedly an ideal method to remove spots, freckles, and tattoos) One patient shared she’s already on her third session but the tattoos are still very visible.

It takes almost eight to ten RevLite sessions to achieve the results you get when you’re on your first Picosure laser session.

The age, color and the kind of tattoo ink used are major factors why removing tattoos can take up to five or six sessions.

There are a couple of reasons why your tattoos and your removal session didn’t work out. It could be the laser machines or how well your skin handles the treatment. Having tattoos used to be a lifetime commitment. Thanks to technology for giving us the best options.


Picosure Tattoo Laser Removal Results

Dr. Neil Oropeza


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