I’m afraid I can’t be a regular MAC user any longer. I don’t have any complaints about my MAC lipsticks though. I’d highly recommend and consider MAC as a good lipstick brand. They’re highly pigmented and they don’t come off easily. Plus they have all the lovely shades in the world. But I might stop using my lipsticks one of these days. I’m obsessed with lip tints lately and my loyalty towards MAC lip products might end sooner.

I like my lips to look simple and natural that’s why I opt to use a natural looking lipstick whenever I attend parties or important events. This is my very slight lame excuse because I can’t pull off red lipstick. So I go for tints and lip balms – they’re easier to use and you can put too much drama on your eyes without looking like a drag queen. I like anything matte. But red matte lipsticks are just too hard to pull off.

Korean lip tints are becoming popular nowadays. It’s already a common knowledge that most Koreans are into cosmetics, not to mention plastic surgeries. Etude, Skin Food and other Korean beauty shops became popular and so are lip tints. I browsed some online reviews related to lip and cheek tint and found interesting reviews about Benefit Benetint. I must admit, reviews are very powerful and convincing. A stranger on the Internet can convince you to buy organic products and make you believe they’re actually organic by just reading organic skin care product reviews.

Benefit Rose-Tinted Lip and Cheek Stain Review


To compare Benetint with Etude lip tint or Body Shop tint stain is totally an understatement. Benefit Lip and Cheek Tint is a red lip tint that’s very mild yet it has high pigment lip color. It looks like red water and smells really nice. It has a nail polish style applicator that makes it easier to use especially for lip tint beginners.


Benefit Benetint


Benefit Lip Tint


Benefit Benetint Liptint


For the lips:

Apply on your lips. You can sweep it for a couple of times and blend. Let it dry. If you prefer it to be really reddish, you can apply your favorite lipstick to enhance its color. Some Benefit Lip Tint review sites recommend BeneBalm to match with your Benetint.


For the cheeks:

Use your pointer and middle finger to evenly blend on the apple of your cheeks. Gently blend it in a circular motion.

Tip: Using the brush applicator, make small dots on your face to blend evenly.


Benefit Benetint Cheek and Lip Tint


Why I Like Benefit Benetint Lip and Cheek Tint



  • Natural Blush

It gives a natural blush. It naturally blends with your lips and cheeks. The gorgeous flush is just too impossible not to be noticed. Hands down.


  • Stays Longer

I’ve tried Etude Dear Darling lip and cheek tint on my lips and cheeks and disappointingly it comes off easily. I’m using Benetint everyday and I must say it really stays longer on my cheeks.



What I Don’t Like About The Product

  • Breakouts

One of the major problems with lip and cheek stains if you have breakouts or pimples, is that it fails to give an even flush. It creates dark dots if you have pimples on your cheeks, causing more breakouts.


  • Useless Applicator

Also, although there’s an easy to use applicator, a lot of girls find it unimportant and distracting. If you want to have a darker shade, instead of using the applicator, you can just use your fingers. It’s useless to use the applicator when applying the tint on the cheeks. I hope they can make a roller type tint.


  • Prone to Spilling

Although I find the container cute, I’ve experienced spilling the tint inside my pouch a lot of times. Plastic and glass don’t do well together. It’s ridiculous to spend a lot of money on a lip and cheek tint and then just spill half of it inside your bag.


Overall Rating


I’m satisfied with my Benetint. It’s easy to use and perfect for those women are always on the go. It’s not too pricey but the quality is far too different from other cheap makeup brands. This rose-tinted lip and cheek stain is one of the best in the market so yes, I’d recommend the product to my friends. You can also try Benefit Posietint and ChaCha Tint if you love to try other Benefit tints. I suggest that you buy online since some online product sites offer discounted Benefit cosmetics. You can also buy Benefit tints and other makeup brands at Sephora if you want to make sure you’re getting all the authentic makeup products. I bought mine from Instagram, it’s way cheaper than buying in malls or other cosmetic stores. If you prefer cheaper and organic lip tints, you should try KJM All Natural Organic Lip Tints. Check my review here.

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