Korean cushion foundation products like AprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion are all the rage. The popularity of Korean soap operas gave way to the rise of Korean beauty products in the market. Admit it, we are all drawn to dewy Korean skin. Every girl in my generation dreams to find the best tip on how to achieve that youthful and glowing Korean skin. The first tip is to get rid of your acne scars. After my laser tattoo removal, I realized there are so many things you can do with the PicoSure laser technology – you can instantly get rid of your pimple marks in less than 20 minutes.

I don’t know with you but I wasn’t very much into Korean beauty products like BB creams, moisturizers, and lip tints that make you look Korean until I finally got my own April Skin Magic Snow Cushion just to end my curiosity and check what the hype was all about.

And it really isn’t just all hype.  It is a Korean cushion foundation that is a perfect combination of BB and CC cream but with a much more impressive formula.  So yes, it’s not your ordinary traditional foundation, in my opinion. I decided to buy a cushion foundation for the first time and write my AprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion review.


April Skin Magic Snow Cushion


The April Skin Magic Snow Cushion (SPF50+,PA+++) case is semi-matte and the whole package somehow gives an impression that they aren’t playing around. The packaging is beautiful, though it’s not the usual cute Korean cosmetic packaging you would expect.  This is April Skin shade #21.


April Skin Magic Snow Cushion April Skin Magic Snow Cushion April Skin Magic Snow Cushion

Now you see the powder puff and the mirror. By the way, peel off the cover and you’ll like the awesomeness of this mirror.


AprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion Foundation AprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion Foundation

The sponge is soaked with the formula. It doesn’t spill and doesn’t get messy unless if you take out the sponge.

What I Like About The Product


Gives a fresh and dewy feel

It has a cooling effect and builds upon your skin. It also gives a smooth natural finish and moisture. It easily absorbs and has a flawless effect and can really brighten your face. A lot of bloggers say it’s semi-matte. It does look semi-matte in the first few minutes of application but I think after a few more minutes it becomes dewy and gives your face a much more moisturized soft look. 

If you’re aiming for a natural dewy look without spending much, check this article: Filipino Organic Beauty Brands That Actually Work


AprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion Foundation ReviewAprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion Foundation Review

Doesn’t cake

This is really my problem with liquid and powder foundation. They’re too cakey and heavy.  I like AprilSkin because the cushion is too light and thin on the skin.


High SPF 

It actually has SPF50 to protect you from redness, sunburn and premature aging. Honestly, using products with high SPF makes me feel good about myself. Girls go crazy over cosmetic products with high SPF.


Stays long

I applied it to my face at 3pm and to test if it’s really long lasting, I let it stay overnight without washing my face. I woke up and was surprised how it still covered my pores (not fully though) even without reapplying.


It conceals dark spots, pores, and pimples

I have dark under eyes and somehow April Skin works as a concealer too. I don’t need to use loads of concealer to hide the dark circles around my eyes.

AprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion Foundation


Not messy and has good packaging

The cushion is not messy at all. You can drop the whole thing without feeling too guilty about breaking it. Actually a few months ago, I broke my compact powder, got frustrated and opted to choose my Naturactor and bought a liquid foundation instead.  I have dark under eyes and somehow April Skin works as a concealer too. I don’t need to use loads of concealer to hide the dark circles around my eyes.


Chifure Powder Foundation


Unlike other foundation, April Skin prevents aging skin

We all love anti-aging products that is why more women keep searching where to buy anti-aging products and supplements. Not all face powders and foundation products contain anti-aging agents for your skin. However, the foundation is not recommended if your lifestyle includes staying longer under the sun. Overexposure to sunlight should be avoided. It’s better to consult your doctor on how to determine future aging treatments.

April Skin Magic Snow Foundation


What I Don’t Like About The Product


The package seems too big for its content

When I got the product, I was a bit disappointed when I found out that it was too light. I checked inside and felt cheated because if you squeeze the soaked sponge, you’ll notice that there’s only a small amount of liquid foundation. The content is too small for its price. Lesson: Don’t expect too much.


The cushion is not refillable

Most face powders are refillable. This cushion isn’t. I think one of the things buyers should consider when buying powders is if it can be refilled.


Sometimes it looks too light on your skin

It’s hard to buy foundation and face powders without knowing the right shade for you. Some products have different shades that complement different types of skin. Maybe the shade is too light for my skin type or what. But it’s okay I think it depends on the application. You can also check online to choose different April Skin Cushion Foundation shades based on where you are living ( in my case, this one is ideal for those who are living in tropical countries). 


April Skin Magic Snow Foundation


The powder puff isn’t soft

After weeks of constant use, the powder puff looks dirty and not really soft when you pat it on your face. Or maybe I’m just really used to using my own fingers or brush whenever I use face powders or liquid foundation. Every now and then I sanitize my powder puff and use antibacterial liquid soap.


Final Thoughts

To be fair, the product is really nice. I like the fact that it moisturizes my face and it’s perfect for me because I have oily skin. I chose the April Skin Magic Snow Cushion Black because according to their website, it’s the best choice if you live in a tropical country like the Philippines. Although this product is already expensive, I think it’s an alternative to a more expensive product like Laneige.


Will I repurchase?

For sure! Buying Korean cosmetics online is just one of the things that make me feel better about aging.



Amazon – $16.99

FaceBook and Instagram Sellers – 900php to 1500php


April Skin Magic Snow Korean Cushion Foundation Review
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