“When one suffers from a delusion, it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion it is called Religion”

In the first part of the book, Richard Dawkins defended his usage of the word “delusion” so as to emphasize his point, that the idea of God and religion are both products of delusion, or as the dictionary defines it, “a false belief.”


The God Delusion Book Cover


“God Delusion” becomes an encouragement towards atheism. In fact, Dawkins believes that atheists can be happy, balanced, moral and intellectually fulfilled. He asks his readers to imagine a world without religion, using John Lennon’s “Imagine”, no suicide bombers, no 9/11 attacks, no crusades and no witch hunts. He expresses his hope that his book might convert some believers into atheists.



We hear the word atheist in our catechism class, pointing them as Satan’s disciples or the evil creatures of the world. In the book, atheists are described as those learned people who believe in nothing beyond the natural, supernatural world. In other words, they believe that there is no supernatural creative intelligence lurking behind the observable universe.


Einsteinian Religion

– refers to Einstein’s use of God as a metaphor for nature or the mysteries of the universe. Therefore, it is against the general idea of God as the creator of the universe who should be worshiped.


The idea of God is a valid hypothesis

– like any other hypothesis, it can be tested and falsified.

To further expound such idea, he presented his killer theory- the idea of natural selection and evolution.



is the safe plane for agnostics, Dawkins described them as those who won’t commit yet for lack of evidence and those who believe it is impossible to know.

He attacked the agnostics because of his belief that if you are talking about God, it is not ethical enough for them to just stay on the safe side. There is a need to take sides.


Richard Dawkins Book


Arguments Against God’s Existence

Argument from Personal Experience

Argument from Beauty

Argument from Scripture

Argument from admired Religious Scientists


Pascal’s Wager

The most important argument that I see in the book, is Dawkins’ obsession with the idea of natural selection. He was convinced that such idea can completely explain the existence of the universe, without bothering to remember the idea of intelligent design and the supernatural making behind it as stated in the Bible. He incorporated it with the cosmic version and the multiverse theory.


Indoctrination of Children

– Dawkins stated that parents who bring their children in the church is a form of mental abuse. Just as feminists rebel when they hear the word “mankind” he encouraged the readers to be sensitive enough. No one must refer a child as a Muslim child or a Christian child, instead one must call him or her as a child of a Muslim or a Christian. It is even an abuse to call him or her as an atheist child. Children do not have any idea of morality and religion.


To sum up, religion is dangerous. It is an evil work of man. Our roots of morality can be explained by Darwinism, and religion has nothing to do with it. Richard Dawkins emphasized the bad influence of religion to societies. It is the motivation of terrorism. It is the source of discrimination against homosexuality. It the primary cause of jihads and other holy wars. Religion is a form of terrorism.

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